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    How many is too many?

    apparently, I'm the wrong person to ask
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    Whats up with the rediculous new cases instead of the hardshell?

    Well, I use the older SKB cases a lot with my SGs and I wouldn't buy a new one on a bet. I had an experience with one a few years ago, and it was NOT GOOD. I bought a new SKB case from my local GC and brought it home to put my 69 SG in, and the fit was abysmal. Feeling it might be a bad...
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    70's SG neck binding

    Hi guys, anyone have any idea of the rhyme or reason to the neck binding on early / mid 70's SG's? I have a 73 ( pot date codes are 48-50th week of 72' ) and it has binding, yet I have a 75' ( pot date codes 50 & 51 week of 74' ) and it has no binding. I think the 75 has an ebony fretboard...
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    Hey guys what’s everyone’s favourite SG year ?

    I think I'd take my 67 Std over any other guitar I have ever had, and I own 60 guitars..
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    SG players that made you choose the SG

    For me, my addiction to the SG came from looking at the album cover " Love it to Death " from Alice Cooper and seeing what guitars made that awesome music.. Michael Bruce just looked so f'ing cool.. Still have my first SG, and the album as well, and I " Love em to Death "
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    New to site and first sg in 30yrs not sure of year

    Agreed, the guitar is probably a mid 1966, and afaik should have come with a Maestro tailpiece. The guitar is beautiful and should be restored to it's original glory IMHO. Just my $.02
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    SG standard vs Special converted to standard

    Standards usually have bound necks, specials generally do not ( depending on year ) look out for crown inlay on the headstock, only on a standard, and the inlays on a special will generally be dots, whereas a standard will have trapezoid inlays or block inlays ( again depends on what years your...
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    WTB Bridge tarback humbucker

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    72 Deluxe missing Made in USA on the headstock.

    OR, the guy in charge of stamping it, just had a senior moment, and forgot..
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    72 Deluxe missing Made in USA on the headstock.

    "Made In USA " stamp began in 1970. If it's missing, my thoughts would be that it was very lightly imprinted at the factory. perhaps the guitar was refinished and it got sanded off in the process.
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    73 Kinda vintage..

    Thanks Raymond, it was just a deal I couldn't pass up. I figured for $200, I'd just play it and enjoy it, but I'm thinking better of that now. The neck joint area is a dream to play in, but I also have a 69 SG Special that has the same FAT joint you are referring to, and believe it or not, you...
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    73 Kinda vintage..

    and the last
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    73 Kinda vintage..

    and more
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    73 Kinda vintage..

    OK, found something, lets see if this works
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    73 Kinda vintage..

    Well, I picked up a new one, a 73 Standard and thought I would share some pics of the abuse this poor thing has been subjected to. I'm bringing it back to it's former glory, have no fear. I would post pictures, but they say they are too large to upload, and Photobucket are thieves..
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    WTB Bridge tarback humbucker

    Well, that's the best place for them. I just got a 73 SG Standard, and the bridge pup is gone, I'm trying to get it back to stock..
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    WTB Bridge tarback humbucker

    Hi all, my addiction has gotten the better of me again, and I bought another one.. I got a 73 SG Standard. The finish is ratty, and it has a replaced bridge pickup, so, I'm in search of the original.. Ideally, I would like to find a clean, bridge tarback, that reads somewhere in the 7.4K...
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    Greater Philly Guitar Show

    This weekend.... 100 Oaks Ave Oaks PA 19456 Is anyone else going??
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    Sure looks identical to my 67 standard
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    Poll: Any love for DiMarzio Super Distortion?

    I personally love the pickup. I have a 1978 BC Rich Maple Eagle, and it has a Dimarzio PAF in the neck and a Dual Sound ( which is a 4 wire SD ) in the bridge, and you honestly can't beat it. I have been a HUGE fan of old patent sticker Gibson pickups and the original Gibson PAF's in my...

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