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  1. bluesfordan

    SG recorded last year in Logic Pro X

    short and sweet. After i get some woodshedding done (i've had basically a 4 month shut down due to moving) I hope to get enough practice to do a clip for posting.
  2. bluesfordan

    SG recorded last year in Logic Pro X

    " you'll get nothing and like it." Judge Smails, Caddyshack :D
  3. bluesfordan

    SG recorded last year in Logic Pro X

    I was going through the recordings I've done in Logic Pro X the past week. One of the best tracks of the lot was one that featured the SG Standard I bought last summer ('19). I had one previously, probably 30 years ago, that I actually had a recording of on tape that is probably the best rock...
  4. bluesfordan

    Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb

    nice. put a Weber California (JBL clone) in my '73/'74 Princeton Reverb, that speaker was awesome (and heavy but you know that). The original speaker was long gone, I bought the amp new, who knew it would be vintage someday? Sold it a dozen something years ago and miss it still, hence my NAD
  5. bluesfordan

    Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb

    Princeton Reverb RI FSR 15 watt with 12" speaker. Just got one today, in tweed with Eminence Cannabis Rex 50 watt speaker (sweetwater exclusive I believe). I played my SG through it and thought "wow, it sounds this good now, just wait until the speaker is broken in."
  6. bluesfordan

    First Song You Played On Your SG

    either "All Your Loving" or "Crossroads", don't remember which
  7. bluesfordan

    Pulled the trigger

    Excellent set of guitars, very nice
  8. bluesfordan

    Help me answer a 20 year question.

    I just picked up an SG Standard in July (2019) and it will do Angus just fine. What you really need is a good amp. Get thee over to Marshall Amp Forum. Personally, if you are sufficiently flush with cash, get a SV20H head, SV20 2x12 cabinet, and a Waza tube amp expander. You'll be right there.
  9. bluesfordan

    Left-Handed or Right-Handed? Kind Of A Poll

    highly ambidextrous here, I can do many things equally well with both hands but playing guitar ain't one of them. I can write lefty but not very well. My best basketball shot was a lefty sky hook. The only nephew in my family that showed any interest in guitar, as soon as he picked the guitar...
  10. bluesfordan

    Are all Gibson SG cases the same size?

    This question was sort of relevant to me as well. I bought a '19 SG Standard that came with the really nice soft case. However I'm still thinking about getting a hardshell case, just haven't started looking yet. The soft case would be great if I were taking the guitar to a gig (wait, what...
  11. bluesfordan

    UNGD: Unexpected NGD It followed me home

    The amp that caught my eye was the Studio Vintage SV20C. I was like "woah, a four-holer combo?" I was as impressed with the amp as I was with the guitar. I'd love to know how they work with pedals. 2x EL34, high/low power switch. I utilized my 'crank the amp and govern the volume via guitar...
  12. bluesfordan

    UNGD: Unexpected NGD It followed me home

    I went to GC tonight totally intending on scoping out an amp I was interested in. Didn't see it but found an interesting item. First I tried to take an ebony SG down but it was just out of my reach so I went for something else easier to reach. I like the amp but I want to hear it with...
  13. bluesfordan

    Fly the friendly skies.

    holy ****, I hope the fucker was arrested *edit LOL, I mean the thief not the baggage worker. 'tis funny the software censored **** and not the other word
  14. bluesfordan

    SG Custom questions

    oh yessss. have one cleaned and polished brought to my chambers. I'll be waiting
  15. bluesfordan

    SG Custom questions

    How far back do you have to go to get an SG Custom with an ebony board? Did they ever make any with just two pickups instead of 3?
  16. bluesfordan

    Are they making SG Customs anymore?

    I played a Les Paul Custom today and it was quite the different animal than the Les Paul reissues that I've been playing the last 14 years. I imagine the SG Custom must also be a different animal than the SG Standard. I looked at Gibson's website and I couldn't find any SG Customs. Are they...
  17. bluesfordan

    Selling R0 Les Paul and keeping SG. Am I crazy?

    Here's my R0. It too has a really dark rosewood fingerboard, almost ebony like.
  18. bluesfordan

    Selling R0 Les Paul and keeping SG. Am I crazy?

    I have an ebony R0, weighs 8 pounds 14.4 ounces. Trying very hard to keep it amidst some pretty tough financial straits
  19. bluesfordan

    The new 2017 SG Standard!

    "That is clearly and blatantly in violation of the Geneva Convention and every single moral code known to the civilization of mankind."
  20. bluesfordan

    Ta-dah !!

    I see that you have a close up of the back of it in your avatar :D

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