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  1. DanB

    NGD 2022 Gibson SG Standard

    Congrats, love the look of the guitar. I know the Beatles would approve, particularly George who played an SG on songs like Paperback writer.
  2. DanB

    NGD - 2013 Gibson SG Standard Natural Burst

    Congratulations and welcome back to the wonderful world of the SG guitars! I have been playing mine for 43 years and have no regrets. Your new ax is a beauty! We look forward to seeing you on this site
  3. DanB

    Another New One!

    Congrats, it looks like a beautiful guitar! In 43 years of playing an SG, I have never seen one in honey burst so this is a nice looking surprise. I love the head stock also!
  4. DanB

    1997 Korean Epiphone G400 w/ EMG pups

    Gratulujem! The guitar looks lovely! Definitely worth the trip. Enjoy your new guitar!
  5. DanB

    Gibson SG '61 Reissue Propietary Ltd Edition

    Looks beautiful! I know it sounds just as good! Love the color combo
  6. DanB

    SG Special on the way

    Looks very nice! Congratulations on your new purchase. We will need to see some pics when it arrives.. Sweetwater is a reputable company. I have bought gear from them and they are always pretty prompt with the delivery.
  7. DanB

    Finally got a Vintage G400

    Congrats on your new acquisition. Its a lovely looking guitar. Hope you get plenty of enjoyment from it
  8. DanB

    Can you identify what kind of Epi Sg is this? Is this a Japan made?

    Its a beautiful looking guitar regardless of where it was built!
  9. DanB

    Can you identify what kind of Epi Sg is this? Is this a Japan made?

    Yeah, I am not sure Epiphone builds any guitars in Japan anymore. My Epiphone Les Paul Special was built in Indonesia. In think Epiphone builds all their solid bodies in Indonesia or China although I think their Casinos and other hollow body guitars are still made in South Korea.
  10. DanB

    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Youve got some nice looking SGs!
  11. DanB

    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Very pretty color! Rics are special guitars! I see you are also a Strat player! I love my Strat, its a toss up between my SG and my Strat
  12. DanB

    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Hard to say, I love all 4 of my guitars (Gibson SG, Fender Standard Stratocaster, Gretsch 2622 Streamliner, and Epiphone Les Paul Special) but I will always have a special fondness for my oldest guitar, my 1979 Gibson SG which I purchased 43years ago when I was in high school. Still plays great...
  13. DanB

    New purchase

    Congrats on your new guitars and I hope you continue to enjoy your retirement. I am a couple of years away from retirement and look forward to having more time to play my guitars.
  14. DanB

    First Gibson SG , 05 , pics.

    Congrats on your purchase! I love the faded color on your SG! Hope you will enjoy playing it for years to come!
  15. DanB

    Hello. New Guy Here.

    Welcome to the SG Forum. You've got a nice collection of guitars! And remember Epiphone SG players are as welcome here as the Gibson people!
  16. DanB

    NGD - Gibson content.

    Congrats and welcome to the Gibson family!
  17. DanB

    Why do some players hate Gibson so much?

    Beautiful guitar! I've been playing the same SG for 43 years. (See below)They are great instruments, its no secret as to why they are Gibson's best selling guitars.
  18. DanB

    New Bands Don't Play Gibsons

    I think Fender made a smart move opening their factory in Mexico and building Fender Stratocasters, Telecasters, and other models down there which have the same Fender name on the head stock and same name on the model, ie Stratocaster, Telecaster, etc, but at a lower price point than the...
  19. DanB

    Who is Your Favorite…

    Wow you definitely know your Moby Grape history. And interesting you were born in Troy, Michigan. Its much bigger and built up then when you were born here. I actually went to high school in the next town over, Birmingham, so I had a lot of connections to the Troy area.
  20. DanB

    Who is Your Favorite…

    you must be a clairvoyant, I was going to mention Moby Grape in my thread but somehow forgot. I actually have a copy of their great first album Moby Grape, which I discovered in a used record store here in Metro Detroit in about 1978-79, when I was in high school. (The album was actually still...

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