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  1. bluesfordan

    SG recorded last year in Logic Pro X

    I was going through the recordings I've done in Logic Pro X the past week. One of the best tracks of the lot was one that featured the SG Standard I bought last summer ('19). I had one previously, probably 30 years ago, that I actually had a recording of on tape that is probably the best rock...
  2. bluesfordan

    UNGD: Unexpected NGD It followed me home

    I went to GC tonight totally intending on scoping out an amp I was interested in. Didn't see it but found an interesting item. First I tried to take an ebony SG down but it was just out of my reach so I went for something else easier to reach. I like the amp but I want to hear it with...
  3. bluesfordan

    SG Custom questions

    How far back do you have to go to get an SG Custom with an ebony board? Did they ever make any with just two pickups instead of 3?
  4. bluesfordan

    Are they making SG Customs anymore?

    I played a Les Paul Custom today and it was quite the different animal than the Les Paul reissues that I've been playing the last 14 years. I imagine the SG Custom must also be a different animal than the SG Standard. I looked at Gibson's website and I couldn't find any SG Customs. Are they...
  5. bluesfordan

    Ta-dah !!

    I found my SG pictures. 3 shots are all that I have. I took pictures of the prints with my iPhone so they're not the best transfers but I'm actually a little impressed. Just spent an hour ducking around with them and finally made an avatar suitable (I hope) for this forum. I present my 1994...
  6. bluesfordan

    Just tried an SG Special 2016 at GC

    daddy likes, muy gusta. I was in the neighborhood and jonesing to hit a music store, even if it's Guitar Center. I'll say this, they had about 7 SGs on the wall. I've played the new standards, both P-90s and humbuckers and liked them both. This was the first SG Special (only one in the store...
  7. bluesfordan

    What's under the pickguard?

    I'm looking at the new 2016 standard T SG. Like what I'm reading about them, played some at GC. The only thing is the batwing pick guard. I want a single wing style. What's under all that black plastic if I take it off? Anybody do that yet? Can I put a '61 style pickguard on?
  8. bluesfordan

    New to this forum, old hand to many

    hi y'all, decided to look and see if there was a forum about my latest obsession. Of course there is. I've been GASsing something awful for an SG for months now. This weekend was the worse so far. See, I bought my first SG probably 20 something years ago on Mother's Day and to this day it...

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