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    Nut Width on Modern SGs

    I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit and my current thought is that it’s the fretboard getting wider as it travels towards the neck. I have a les paul and sg both with same nut width but the sg neck gets wildly wider than the LP as it gets closer to the body. I notice some of the SG...
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    Why are new SG Standards up in price?

    It really sucks but everything is getting way more expensive, not just Gibsons.
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    love those pickguard shapes, especially on the black guitar. Very cool.
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    NGD SG jr

    Picked up a new SG jr the other day. Built in late April of 2022. The body is a very vibrant red with a decently dark fretboard that has some red streaks (they are much more red in person) running through. Guitar is insanely light, I don’t have a scale but it makes my 6 lbs SG 61’ feel heavy...
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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    That white pearloid on the black looks amazing! Love it.
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    Cleaning my 2009 Gibson SG special faded, worn cherry

    To clean my gibsons I use the Gibson nitro finish restoration. I picked it up in a kit that also came with some fretboard cleaner and metal polish, but the nitro restore is fantastic. I don’t have a faded to use it on but it does a great job cleaning my glossy gibsons.
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    Here's a weird observation...

    You’re definitely not crazy, the small difference feels much larger than it is.
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    any SG modern owners?

    Nice collection! As for necks, I can get along with most, the only ones I don’t like are extremely thin ones. Most of the Gibson slim tapers I’ve tried have just enough heft in them. I could even get along with a 50s style. I wish the stores around me carried more of gibsons line, there is a...
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    any SG modern owners?

    Maybe the lack of locking ones isn’t so bad after all.
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    any SG modern owners?

    Right on, thanks for the reply. I hope they are still coming with locking tuners on the new ones. No one near me stocks them (or the epiphones) so it’s tough to get a feel for them.
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    any SG modern owners?

    Hey all, so a few years ago I picked up a 61 SG and it has taken the number one spot among my guitars. Since I like it so much I’m looking to add a second. I’m trying to decide between a standard, another 61 reissue or a modern. If any modern SG owners could chime in, Im curious how you like...
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard '61 Demo Shop Mod

    oh wow what a beauty!! Congrats.

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