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    FS: Gibson Captain Kirk Douglas Signature SG Inverness Green

    Hi, Also listed on Reverb, I can do $3000 plus shipping via PayPal invoice here on eSG. Up for sale is one sexy guitar, 2021 Gibson Captain Kirk Douglas Signature SG in Inverness Green. I purchased this guitar new from WWBW / Musician's Friend/ Guitar Center in February of 2021. It is in mint...
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    Rare Beautiful Beast: 1989 Orville by Gibson SG Custom

    Hello, Fist time poster, long time lurker. I usually hang out over at the MyLesPaul forums, skulking around in the Made in Japan sections. Recently, I decided I had too many Les Pauls and not enough SGs. So, I am selling one of my Burny LPs, and already pulled the trigger on this rare...

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