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    Derek Trucks Faux Maestro Vibrola

    This unit was bought from Crazy Parts in Germany, but was never installed. The same unit that is installed on the Gibson's Derek Trucks signature model SG© but with engraving. -Genuie Gibson Cover (Engraved) -Faux Lyra Vibrato Cover -Machined Brass -Overall dimensions - 5 5/16" (135mm) x 3...
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    First post! Which SG do you like most?!

    The bevel of the cherry one is weird. Almost Custom Shop-y. Never seen a '61 RI with that kind of bevel. So, that one gets my vote!
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    Adding a Maestro Vibrola to a Standard SG

    How's the neck dive with the Grovers? I have a set laying around, but I feel that with the vibrola plate it really helped the guitar to be more balanced with the Deluxe Klusons.
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    Are ANY of the modern SGs correct? Body shape, neck?

    Here's my 2013 Standard beside my friend's '63-64
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    WTB: Derek Trucks Vibrola

    Anyone selling a Derek Trucks style vibrola with the Lyre and Gibson logo?
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    Adding a Maestro Vibrola to a Standard SG

    I really love the look of an SG with one. Even thought about going the "Derek Trucks" route with the Faux Vibrola. Anyone done it? Do you regret it? How did you cover the old holes? Please post a photo of yours.
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    Faber / Gibson ABR-1 conversion

    Hello, first time poster. :) Can you only get the Nashville to ABR-1 converters thru Faber? No one else?

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