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    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    I do love the Veteran 10's. Great Vintage tone. you need to decide if a particular speaker has the sound you think you are going for.
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    Fender Mustang Micro Amp

    It's amazingly awesome. This thing blows my old vox amplug away. The stereo effects are really nice.
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    If the SG never existed...

    A tele Jr and a Rickenbacker 360
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    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    I have Grovers on mine and they are really nice
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    Anybody watching Tom Bukovac's Youtube stuff?

    He is the best! It is the best thing to ever be uploaded to Youtube. Great channel for sure!
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    What kind of SG do you have?

    I have the standard with 57 Classics, SGJ with '61s, and 50s Tribute with P90s
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    Two more homebrews taking shape

    They looks so cool
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    Just ordered a Hotone Freeze B

    I have one and I run into a 2x10 Panama cab.
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    My favorite guitar ever!

    Looks very cool!
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    Justin Guitar

    I've been using the free online beginners course for about a month and it has been very much helpful.

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