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    Altered tunings

    Does anyone here play regularly in altered tunings? I'm considering giving it a try (DADGAD seems to be a popular one). Is there an 'easier' tuning for someone who wants to try from standard? Thanks.
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    Haggis flavoured 'crisps'.

    Nice.......try them.
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    Tuneomatic bridge problem

    Hello all. I've got a problem with one of those individual bridge pieces in my SGs tuneomatic bridge and am seeking advice from you good folks. The g string was sitting about 0.25 mm higher than the e and b strings and like the complete idiot that I am, I thought that I could just file the v...
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    Neck relief

    How much relief do you lads n lasses have in your necks. I thought I was a pretty straight sort of feller....but thinking of putting a bit more on mine because I think it might make strings ring out/sustain more. I like to play through clean amp with reverb.
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    All you folks who like to bend strings

    Hoots mon. What a terrible year. I hope that you are all keeping safe and getting through it. Now query. Is my fretboard too straight? I'm asking because I'm trying to play some 'old school' R&R guitar riffs (Mickey Gee / Shakin' Stevens style) but when I try to bend say the g...
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    Great to see Mr Iommi helping NHS
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    Pedals through solid state amps

    Is anyone out there using pedals through solid state/modelling amps? Do pedals work well with these amps? My set up is pedal free....but I would like to get more sustain when playing some solos. Are there any sustain pedals that might work well on my Vox mini 5 amp? Thanks all.
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    My Epiphone set up...and best wishes for 2020

    My Epi SG straight into a Vox Mini 5 modelling amp. No pedals! From Hank Marvin to Tony Iommi via the turn of a few dials and gain. Hope everyone has a great 2020.
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    Whisky snobbery........

    A good whisky is one that has been bought for me by someone else. A great whisky doesn't have to be a single malt. › magazine Web results Whisky's elitist snobbery must stop | Scotch Whisky Slàinte.
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    Twang.....a tribute to Hank Marvin and the Shadows

    I've got a CD (named in the heading). It's mainly guitarists playing Hank Marvin/Shadows hits in their own style of guitar playing/interpretation.......for instance ;- FBI played by Brian May. Wonderful Land played by Tony Iommi. Apache played by Ritchie Blackmore. Atlantis played by Mark...
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    What string height (action) should I have?

    What kind of string height from the fretboard should have? I gather I could ask a hundred SG players and get maybe a hundred different answers. I'm basically a chord player. Like playing them and want the limited chords that I can play 'sound nice'. The top 2 strings always sound weak in volume...
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    String gauges on an SG

    What are the heaviest string gauge would you put on your SG (and still play in 'standard' tuning)? I've just acquired an it to bits.....and it came with a set of 10s on it. I'd like to go a little heavier. To maybe a full set of 11s or maybe 12s. Can the neck take the extra tension...

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