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  1. Seamus

    NGD - I couldn't resist!

    One of the latest Tokais to join the stable- 1978 Tokai Springy Sound ST-42. "U" stamped pickups - Sen Ash (I think) body and maple neck.
  2. Seamus

    Can anyone advise me on what this is?

    Hey Guys, I'm always on the lookout for oddball guitars and something that could turn into an interesting project guitar, to whittle away dark evenings here in Ireland. I've just found a very grubby looking fuitar that maybfit the bill but I'm not exactly sure what Im looking at. The decal...
  3. Seamus

    NGD: Unusual no catalogue Fernandes - Reverse sharkies and reverse headstock.

    Latest Fernandes Guitar. This does not appear in anyof the catalogues but is circa 1985-86. Very nice reverse shark tooth inlays and headstock and a Fernandes " Head Crasher" locking trem. Rock on!!
  4. Seamus

    New Guitar Fernandes snake skin with sustainer.

    One of the latest horses into the stable. Very unusual Fernandes snake skin themed guitar with the legendary Fernandes sustainer system; this is my first Fernandes with a sustainer, so very much looking forward to seeing what it can do.
  5. Seamus

    NGD: Unusual Fernandes superstrrat with Non fine tuner Floyd.

    Lateat edition to the Fernandes stable. This unusual Fernandes Limited Edition superatrat. The board may have been scalloped as a custom order back in the 80's as I can not find any model matching the control layout on this. May have been a special run for a shop chain. Guitar is from 1987 and...
  6. Seamus

    Are Fender droping rosewood boards?

    Ive just read that Fender intends to stop using rosewood for its finger boards However there is no link to Fender's official statement provided in the article. Can anyone provide the official link?
  7. Seamus

    NGD 80'S Left handed Burny Les Paul Custom.

    Latest addition to the family. Burny "Flash" / "Lightning Bolt" headstock inlay, VH1 pickups, Gotoh tuners, fret edge binding. And it's a lefty which is quite rare to see. Guitar is in transit so I'llpost a video when I receive.
  8. Seamus

    Randy Rhoads solo on 1983 Burny Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom.

    Learning this classic melodic solo and what better to play it on than this classic, melodic Burny Randy Rhoads Les Paul Custom :)
  9. Seamus

    1993 Charvel Japan Jake E. Lee Jam.

    Just a quick little jam on this 1993 Charvel Jake E Lee signature, which were released in Japan. Hard tail 1 Humbucker Two single coils (reverse angled) 5 way selector Factory shaved neck Factory bone nut A nice way to spend one's day!
  10. Seamus

    Two Strats go head to head: Modified and Unmodified. (Manic Depression)

    Greco SE-700 vs Fernandes Revival playing Jimis Manic Depression. Lefty 1982 Fernandes Revival with after market pickups, jumbo frets, graphite, "raw vintage" bridge and saddles, vintage trem block, locking vintage tuners, upgraded capacitors. Right handed 1978 Greco SE-700 is stock and...
  11. Seamus

    Quick blues improv on a 1980 Navigator SG

    Just squeezing off a few bluesy notes on this Navigator from 1980.
  12. Seamus

    NGD: Fernandes Jake Lee.

    Just got this Fernandes Jake E. Lee guitar, which was part of the Fernandes Musicians series. I will post a video of this in a head to head with my 1993 Charvel Japan Jake E. Lee; which one will reign supreme??!!!
  13. Seamus

    Attempting Jimis version of Bleeding Heart

    A quick video on my attempt at this Hendrix tour de force in tasteful, and measure blues guitar. Very difficult (for me at least) to capture all the little subtle nuances, but its fun to give it a go. I'm further on than where I stopped in this video, so I'll post an updated attempt.
  14. Seamus

    1980 Greco "Super Real" series screams and moans !

    Hey all, A quick video / sound demo of my Greco Mockingbird super real, which is just a mean rock n roll machine! I'm playing it through a pretty unusual ElPICO AMP, probably from the 70's amd a Harley Benton/Joyo British Tone pedal. Elpico are not a very widely known amp but the Beatles...
  15. Seamus

    1983 Burny Randy Rhoads + Vox+ Joyo/Harley Benton British tone

    Just a quick demo of the Harley Benton / Joyo British tone. I dont use a lot of pedals but I'll recommend this to anyone wanting overdrive on a budget!! Controls are very interactive but once you put in some time with the pedal, you will be rewarded :)
  16. Seamus

    New Guitar Day: Can anyone help me with this ESP Strat?

    Trying to establish a more complete picture of when this ESP was made. Initial feedback suggests the pots date from 1982 and were made for ESP by CTS, hence the ESP markings on the pots. Can anyone off further advice in relation to the code on the neckplate and codes on the neck heel and neck...
  17. Seamus

    Incoming NGD: Burny SG 61 custom 3 pickup.

    A little bit scruffy but some elbow grease will sort that out :) Will go nicely with my other white model of this guitar.
  18. Seamus

    Incoming Guitar: 1993 Japan only guitCharvel JakeE Lee

    A few quick shot of a very rare Japan market only Jake ELee guitar from Charvel Japan, made in 1993, which was the last year these were offered. (Ran from '91 to '93) Also in transit a Navigator SG.
  19. Seamus

    Vibrola for Navigtor and Burny SG

    Hey guys, Has anyone experience with putting a vibrola on their SG? Are there any differences between the long and short arm versions/sideways in relation to performance and/or tone? Amd who makes the "best" aftermatket versions? I have a white Burny SG custom and Navigator SG I'd like to add...
  20. Seamus

    Dating a Navigator SG.

    Trying to establish a date for this Navigator SG. Can anyone decode the pot codes? The dot on the i is seperate and the position of the V points to it being early. Double ring tuners may also be significant as is on older Burny guitars. Any information appreciated as there is very little online...

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