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  1. ScottMarlowe

    My Three Cherry Epi SGs.

    Thought I'd take a few pics of my three cherry SGs. One's a 1961 Special, one's a Vintage, and one's a 1989 G-400. First the 2011 50th anniversary special, with mini humbuckers replacing the P-90s: Note the scarf joint is right up where the neck and head join on this one: Nice stripy...
  2. ScottMarlowe

    White SG Special P90

    My third 1961 50th anni SG Special, now in white. Nicely figured fretboard: the three happy felons:
  3. ScottMarlowe

    1989 Epiphone G-400 and upgrades.

    So last year I picked up a 1989 G-400, the ones with a Gibson open book style headstock, slab multi-piece body with no veneer, and 1967 neck joint etc. Great player but it had a few problems. The 3 way switch was not working reliably, only the neck pickup was working. The bridge pickup was wired...
  4. ScottMarlowe

    All my Epi SGs together...

    This is all but one (TV Pelham Blue Custom is on indefinite loan)... On each end is a 2011 -- 1961 50th anniversary SG Special. TV Yellow is stock except for the badass bridge, the Cherry one has a Wilkinson bridge and GFS Mini-Crunchy humbuckers. Black one is a 2013 -- 1966 G-400 Pro with...
  5. ScottMarlowe

    NUGD! 1989 Epi SG

    Found a 1989 Epiphone G-400 SG, the first year they were made. It's a really nice guitar, frets are good. It has a late 60s style neck joint instead of the early 60s joint they all have today. Also, NO VENEERS! It's a 4 piece (maybe 3 but it looks like 4 to me) mahogany body with dot inlays...
  6. ScottMarlowe

    Metric drop in roller bridge!

    Lookee here: On order. I'll let ya know how it goes.
  7. ScottMarlowe

    Great workhorse guitars in closing credits.

    Paul Jones and friends singing Boom! Boom! Out Go The Lights! starts at 7:07
  8. ScottMarlowe

    Converting a Peavey Stereo Chorus footswitch to Duel mode, no LEDs

    This pictorial tutorial is for getting this pedal working WITHOUT LEDS. I'll reverse the polarity later and make a post on how to do that. For now you get a working pedal with no LEDS. OK So, got my Duel, great price, and with an EQ or resistance pad in the EFX loop it's perfectly serviceable...
  9. ScottMarlowe

    Those bastards at GC forcing me to buy a new amp! Heavey Peavey Duel, heavey on pics.

    So I was strolling though my local GC at Arvada CO (best GC I've been in) and THIS was on the floor for $179: It needs: 2 knobs and some deoxit 5. That's it. It just works. I accidentally turned it up to 4 or so while testing it and the whole store looked over. Back down to 1. :) I seem to...
  10. ScottMarlowe

    Pelham blue?

    1965 Gibson SG on Reverb Does that look like Pelham blue? Is that how it fades over 50 years, turning to green? Or did they just get the color wrong?
  11. ScottMarlowe

    NAD: Guitar Center and my red stripe bandit.

    So I was perusing GC's web site and they had a red stripe US made bandit for $119, so I pretty much had to get it to complete my red stripe collection (all I need now is the 2x12 red stripe Transformer I guess.) It showed shipped a couple days later, and the tracking number didn't work. Oh...
  12. ScottMarlowe

    Surgical recovery

    just some shop work done on my lower GI and man did that take the stuffing out of me. 1 Week out and I've lost ~10 lbs (which is good) and can now spend a whole 30 or so minutes standing up before passing out. Glad I've got decent insurance.
  13. ScottMarlowe

    Marble Machine a musical instrument...

    I'll just leave this here:
  14. ScottMarlowe


    So, I was looking for a cheap older Camry for my son to drive around while I'm out of town. Go to Craigslist and set max price of $4000, figuring I'll keep it below $3000 for now. Talking 20 yea old cars with 100k or more miles. Reliable but nothing special. And THIS goes by for $3500: 1967...
  15. ScottMarlowe

    Fret job on Epi LP Special I, surprise! radius is 16"

    Well crap. Got the strings off, all the frets tamped down. They were ALL high, I think they were made with a 12 or 14" radius and possibly pressed in with a 12 or 14" cawl, because they were all high in the middle, but seated on the ends. Ugh. So after tamping them all down so a 0.0015" feeler...
  16. ScottMarlowe

    Thank god he rescued this SG from it's case problem!

    Ebay link: Original pics or three: Original ad text...
  17. ScottMarlowe

    GC: Yamaha Acoustic FG710S on sale

    So if you've been thinking of getting one, they're $149 right now instead of $199.
  18. ScottMarlowe

    HNGD Epi LP Special I w/Humbuckers

    From Black Friday, I present my Faded TV Yellow LP Special I: Here's the pickups I ordered for it: (Slick hand-aged Old School Humbuckers): I'm not a big fan of the 700T / 650R pickups in it. They're not awful, just not the right sound for what looks like a classic LP Special type of...
  19. ScottMarlowe

    NAD: Classic 30

    So I was wandering around ebay looking for headphone amps and stumbled across a Classic 30 with a starting bid of $250. Made the bid and then kinda forgot about it, figuring there's NO WAY it'll go for $250. Someone will snipe me. Then the email came in that I'd won it! Woohoo, drove down to...
  20. ScottMarlowe

    Friday night drinking music

    It's Friday night, so here's some drinking music by the infamous JLHooker. Bonus feature, Epiphone Sheraton:

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