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  1. Rocksteady

    Gibson SG Naked Ltd Run 2016, anyone has them?

    Hi all, I just found out about that model, and it has neck dimensions of '69 SGs, a really narrow neck width that I might like very much. Anyone has any experience with this guitar?
  2. Rocksteady

    Nut Width on Modern SGs

    Yea totally understood, me too, as long as I can get through a gig without my hand start cramping out lol. I'm ok with my SG Standard, it's not ideal but I can play and enjoy. There's a type of necks I can't deal with, when it's wide AND thin, like SG 61', but otherwise no problem. Your 74'...
  3. Rocksteady

    Nut Width on Modern SGs

    Of course everyone has their own preferences, but if there is no choice and it's only goes one way... I mean at least strats or teles are avail in all different specs, you can pick any neck that's suits you. I imagine if Angus Young was starting his career just now he would have a hard time...
  4. Rocksteady

    Nut Width on Modern SGs

    It seems that someone decided at Gibson that people who play SGs all came from Classical guitar background lol. Classical guitars have super wide fretboard. But I played a tele for many years, narrow fretboard is so much easier for chord work, when you can wrap your thumb around the neck.... I...
  5. Rocksteady

    Nut Width on Modern SGs

    Hi guys, recently bought a 2021 SG Standard, love the sound and look, but what's up with a wide neck, it just feels extra wide compare to standard 1 11/16 nut width... It says 43.05 mm, isnt it an extra wide? I just prefer narrower fredboards. The only saving grace it's rounded profile, not...
  6. Rocksteady

    What amp do you play your SG's through?

    I had this Marshall Artist series combo, which is like hybrid tube/solid state amp, the sound of which I never been fond of... but I thought the speaker was awesome, the original made in England Celestion. So I converted it to a speaker cabinet, bought DV Mark Little 40 head(EL-34), and that's...
  7. Rocksteady

    Weight of your SG?

    Thanks guys! Yeah, that's perfect guitar for me (but not perfect weight!). Anyway, there will be another SG in a near future, I have a cool project in mind...
  8. Rocksteady

    Weight of your SG?

    Hey guys, a new member here! I used to own a SG, I think it was SG Celebrity model, 1991 if I'm not mistaken. I remember it's very light guitar. I now regret selling it, of course, because after years playing Gretsches (yes, I love that great Gretsch sound!), I realized that in terms of...

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