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  1. Maguchi

    What amp in a box pedals do you like?

    For me the 2 channel big box Carvin VLD1 Legacy Drive tube preamp gives me all the sounds I need from between clean to high gain distortion. It comes with a couple of 12AX7 preamp tubes. What amp in a box pedlals do y'all like?
  2. Maguchi

    I have the best SG change my mind

    Beautiful SG. They came with baked maple fingerboards back then? I had a couple of Melody Makers with baked maple FBs from around those years. How do you like the baked maple compared to rosewood?
  3. Maguchi


    2020 Gibson SG '61 Standard
  4. Maguchi

    Anyone tried the GFS soapbar high output p90s?

    Not my experience at all. There was no tax, probly because I did not live in the same state as the GFS main office. There was shipping and it was higher than usual, but it was OK. I have bought bridge saddles, pickups and bridges from GFS over the last couple years and was very satisfied with...
  5. Maguchi

    Anyone tried the GFS soapbar high output p90s?

    Haven't tried any other P90s other than the stock Gibson ones and those sound very good, but an increase in gain increases noise for silent sections. I read the posts about GFS pickups with interest. I agree, GFS makes some good sounding pickups for not much money. I'm very happy with some GFS...
  6. Maguchi

    Who is Your Favorite…

    Yeah, really! Let's liven up this joint and start postin' some stuff.
  7. Maguchi

    In an SG Standard: 490's or '61's ?

    In a Gibson I usually keep whatever pickups they came with and I get very good sounds with a setup and some very small knob adjustments. I have the '61 pickups in a 2020 SG Standard, the 490 R/Ts in a couple of 2019 LP Specials and the '57s in a 2019 ES-335. They all sound a little different...
  8. Maguchi

    Show me your Telecasters

  9. Maguchi


    2020 (Gibson SG '61 Standard)
  10. Maguchi

    I'm new here, got my first SG!

    Welcome, lots of good info here
  11. Maguchi

    Who is Your Favorite…

    Between Bon Scott and Brian Johnson? I'd go with Bon Scott by the slightest of margins. They're both so good and fit that band so well.
  12. Maguchi

    Why didnt Gibson put the output socket on the edge...

    I know I'm in the minority compared to most guitar players I talk to. But I love the output jack on the top of the guitar a la SG, ES-335 and Strat. That way the couch doesn't press against the cable when sitting down. And standing up or sitting I always route the cable through the strap above...
  13. Maguchi

    Great deal on SG case!

    Yeah, I saw that, dynamite deal! I was tempted, but I only got one SG and it already came with a brown hardcase from Gibson.
  14. Maguchi

    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2

    Boss BD-2 player for many years now. Compared it to BD-2 WAZA in a store and IMHO the WAZA BD-2 version didn't sound any better than the regular BD-2. I could notice a slight difference in the upper end, but can't say it was a better sound. YMMV, try b4 u buy.
  15. Maguchi

    Boss OD-3 vs BD-2

    Never tried the OD-3 before yet. But I tried the BD-2 and those got a really good sound. I'm a big Boss fan boy, so IMHO you can't go wrong with a Boss. All the newer ones are bulletproof, quiet and have good to great sounds.
  16. Maguchi

    High ratio locking tuners.

    On an SG? No, just no! Dive, dive, too doot, too doot! P.S. I love the stock tulip knob tuners on my 2020 '61 Standard.
  17. Maguchi

    Anybody use an original 1960s vintage Gibson wraparound bridge with a plain G? (1960s Lightning bolt)

    Yep, I use one for an unwound plain G string. Not sure if the original '60s models were designed for wound or unwound G strings. You got a pic?
  18. Maguchi

    Weight of your SG?

    2020 Gibson '61 SG Standard weighs 6.34 lbs.
  19. Maguchi

    2022 SG Tribute

    No way Ray! You mean they're making a Tribute model of the SG now? Way cool!
  20. Maguchi


    Butler gain pedal almost halfway up? Sounds like gain is the culprit. P90s are rockabilly and traditional blues type pickups and generate a lot of noise with anything more than mild amp gain or pedal gain. Other than the earliest Bluesbreakers, Marshalls are high gain amps by design and can...

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