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  1. jtcnj

    Show Us Your Basses

    Beater I repaired / revived Yamaha cheapy.
  2. jtcnj

    Best aftermarket saddle?

    ++1 on Phila Luthier Supply. Check the post hole spacing; the USA ones may not fit. I have had good luck with Musiclily parts, the Pro series ones if available. The standard series may not be any better than typical OEM import parts. But like others said, the stock parts may be just fine...
  3. jtcnj

    Pickups for an Epiphone Korina Flying V?

    first a) give the originals a chance, play with the height and pole adjustments. Then, D! Schenker pickups belong in a V! (just me though). Also, the music style you prefer to play with this guitar may help you decide if more PAFish or higher output is right for it. What is wrong with the...
  4. jtcnj

    Justin Guitar

    I used his site / free videos a lot early on some years back. There is (or was, I believe the site was updated and changed quite a bit) lots of free content. I know he gets a lot of positive reviews. If I was going to use a pay site subscription I would strongly consider it. Instead, I plan...
  5. jtcnj

    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    What is that much different in the actual 490 construction that makes them cheap or inferior? I dont have a side here, btw. Either I like the sound of a particular pickup in the application I am trying to use it in, or I dont. Thats purely subjective. From the Gibson site it looks like just...
  6. jtcnj

    Muffler guitar build

    My hat is off to your creativity and fabrication skills, nice job!
  7. jtcnj

    G-400 Pots

    Agreed, cheap hand reamer for the win, and nothing wrong with Alpha pots.
  8. jtcnj

    Anybody get a new guitar for XMAS?

    Wasnt for Christmas, but was supposed to be delivered Dec 24. didnt show, UPS lost package. Turns out they shipped it to Sweetwater (old label on box?) The Sweetwater rep who handled it is Matt Christopherson. Matt Rocks! I guess UPS wouldn't fix it, so Matt arranged to ship it Fedex on their...
  9. jtcnj

    Considering Other Guitars

    Really dig the Epi Wilshire / Coronet but never handled one.
  10. jtcnj

    SG Scale Length?

    Wow I never realized there was such a variety in construction. When I got my first set neck SG - Epi G400 worn brown in 2016? I think, - the neck feeling so far off to my left put me off the guitar for several years. I wanted to love it, so I didnt sell it. My son played it for a couple of...
  11. jtcnj

    Wraparound Bridge Screw Size?

    built from a bare husk from when AXL went belly up. Started like this: now: Gibson P90 lead I got used at a good price. I had it in an alder body maple neck 25-1.2" scale SX Liquid. It sounded - just ok. Now its a Mississippi Queen machine. Finally found the right P90 guitar I have been...
  12. jtcnj

    New tuners on my Epi SG G-310

    I just got a minty set of used Grover 102-18C Rotomatic tuners for a new build. These are 10mm, and the screw hole is at 6:00. I dont know what model the OP used And, yes the hand reamer works really well. Dont get impatient and try to cheat by reaming both sides of the hole a bit and then...
  13. jtcnj

    Wraparound Bridge Screw Size?

    Full circle I suppose..... I was searching for longer screws for a build, and came back to this thread. I did find the M30 -.50 16mm screws at a Home Depot near me. the 16mm is shown next to the stock 10mm. Just adding to the database.
  14. jtcnj

    Show me your Telecasters

    I got this Monoprice / Indio for under $100 earlier this year. The tuners are just ok, and the plastic nut was NG. Made my first nut from bone blank. Smoothed a few rough fret ends / bevels and set it up. Plays and sounds good. I started looking for pickups before I even got it, so far the...
  15. jtcnj

    Need to replace broken bridge ground wire....

    the one I pulled probably would have crushed the soft wood pencil, just the first bit to get it moving. I cut off a stout masonry nail but had to grind down the circumference of the head to fit the insert hole. I cut it short to have a lot of the post threads into the bushing to get it started...
  16. jtcnj

    Need to replace broken bridge ground wire....

    I just did one of these yesterday - the inserts had already been pushed in but without ground wire (not by me). The above method works well - if you can keep the drop in screw or bolt upright. If the insert doesnt start to pull as you screw the post in with only light to moderate force - stop...
  17. jtcnj

    Biddlin' Foster

    So sorry for your loss. I heard this morning on another site. I learned a great deal from him here, and adopted his setup procedure as my own. RIP Mr. Biddlin
  18. jtcnj

    Hell Bent for SG's...

    I grew up around British Steel and onward, and drifted away after Turbo. I had heard a little of the stuff before that, but only in the last couple of years dove in hard from the beginning. Sad Wings is it for me right now if I had to pick, but also along with Stained Class and Killing...
  19. jtcnj

    Left-Handed or Right-Handed? Kind Of A Poll

    I think about this now and then, sometimes in frustration over my skill progress. I am a lefty playing right handed guitars righty, for almost 5 years now. I chose this mainly due to availability of equipment, and as my long time guitar playing brother told me "both hands have to learn a lot of...

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