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  1. jtcnj

  2. jtcnj

    Def Leppard Bringin on the heart break tone

    Any guidance would be most appreciated.
  3. jtcnj

    Holy Sh*t just heard this for the first time

    I am completely blown away.
  4. jtcnj

    very interesting Joe B. interview

    very cool. I dont know his persona but he doesnt come off as a Dick.
  5. jtcnj

    Just saw this for the First time Clapton / Trucks

    I wept. I'm a big fan of the Derek and the Dominos record. Isnt is strange Derek (D'Eric) became Derek T playing Duane?
  6. jtcnj

    MF SDOTD SG I hate being poor, relatively speaking.
  7. jtcnj

    Saw the Rev. Billy last night....

    ZZ Top, openers were Johnny 2 Bags (I think) one man acoustic -he was good. I think he is actually the guitarist for Social Distortion. Foghat - killed it. Southside Johnny - fun stuff, good performance but their stage sound wasnt the best. Greg Allman was to be the opener but has cancelled...
  8. jtcnj

    I want this Wilshire but cant do it, just want to share
  9. jtcnj

    I want this but cant do it, just want to share
  10. jtcnj

    Wierd bolt neck "gibson" SG , fake?

    What in bloody ell is this
  11. jtcnj

    Your Silkyn Super 50 Drive Channel sucks right?

    that seems to be the consensus -unusable. why? What is it that makes it SO bad? I dont have a ton of amp OD comparison experience. I have been using it; why you call my dirt so poopy?
  12. jtcnj

    NAD little late

    Pulled the trigger on a Silkyn Super 50. My first choice was to scratch build a Princeton Reverb an a Marshall 18watt variant. That costs a lot more than I can do for the foreseeable future. Short answer is this is reputed to do some good Blackface Cleans and a Marshall flavor dirty channel...
  13. jtcnj

    anyone use Uberseat ticket vendor? show tommorow, not tickets yet

    Going to see Bad Co and Joe Walsh locally, tomorrow evening (sat 6/11). ticket tracking email from uberseat has no tracking number - "your tracking number is", then blank. called and emailed them 3 times since monday. Only get answering machine, left message. Anyone use them? Is this typical? I...
  14. jtcnj

    Amp Biasing Tools - School Me.

    I have a Silkyn Super 50 fixed bias 6L6 amp on the way. It will most likely get new matched power tubes pronto. I would like to get some use of the originals if possible. What is the best option, also cost effective for a biasing set up? I have seen the single socket type adapters you connect a...
  15. jtcnj

    Best Buy SGJ again $179.97 DrBGood buy this for me! Seriously, if this ever actually is doable I'd like to work something out to ship to me.
  16. jtcnj

    NGD - suddenly I NEED Reverb

    Link to the intro to this: Link to NGD thread at AGF (MODS: is that ok?):
  17. jtcnj

    Squier Jaguar surf green $199.

    Just ordered one of these, usually $299 and looks like all pricing on Jag and JM going to $399. Got it for $199. Edit: the old page is gone, no jags at GC: Some are listed at $314.
  18. jtcnj

    WE are getting Spammed again

    Just saw this crap: Moderator Edit: The re-posting of a spam link is not an accepted practice. If there is a spam link or post, please report it and it will be dealt with.
  19. jtcnj

    Recommend me some good representative SG pieces from Zappa ... and....

    and other prominent SG players other than the very obvious ones, some of which I am familiar with. I have heard a lot of SG from: Eric Clapton Angus Young Robby Krieger Pete Townsend Dickey Betts Pete Hamm Iommi some others I'm sure forgetting. I saw and lost a post about favorite SG players...
  20. jtcnj

    Groupon discount at Dangerous Guitar

    Anybody use this? I'm a 1 year player so its worth the ride a think. I use several different lesson web sites free on the web, but for $5.00 for 3 months, I'll give it a try. If 2 more sign up on my link you get a small credit back...

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