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  1. Robert Herndon

    2016 Gibson SG PCB to Vintage Harness - Who Has Done It???

    Greetings everyone, Had Tone Man build me a custom harness for my small-cavity 2016 Gibson SG. I pulled the PCB and shielded the cavity. Then I noticed a couple of problems and I seek your advice. My 2016 Gibson SG has holes a little larger than 3/8" for the pots, but smaller than the .406"...
  2. Robert Herndon

    2016 Gibson SG to Vintage Wiring?

    Gary (Tone Man) and I have been discussing installing one of his harnesses into my 2016 Gibson SG. We are now curious to know if Gibson changed the layout (spacing) of the volume and tone pots when they reduced the control cavity size???? You may remember how the Norlin era SG's had a totally...
  3. Robert Herndon

    2016 Gibson SG Static Cling:

    Noticed tonight that even my straplock on my 2016 Gibson SG T Series would lightly 'pop' when I touched it....strings too. There is an area on the back of the body, between the pickups, that will also make a "static cling-like noise" if you run your finger along it, as does the plastic control...
  4. Robert Herndon

    Gibson Embossed Pickup Covers:

    First saw these on Bill Bartlett's Les Paul (Ram Jam) in 1977. Any significance????
  5. Robert Herndon

    Tone Emporium PAF'S:

    Are these Canadian made???
  6. Robert Herndon

    Single Coils Should Be Illegal:

    Played for a blues/50's classic group the other night. Two guitarists, drummer and me on bass. Both Kats with Fender Custom Shop Stratocasters, one playing through a Tweed and the other a Twin Reverb. The buzz from those Fenders was really unbelievably strong in unison. In the blues genre, the...
  7. Robert Herndon

    SG Pickup Rings:

    Anything special I should look for when adding theses??? I have found some called "staggered height" pickup rings....????
  8. Robert Herndon

    GFS Alinco II PAF's

    Finally found a pair of covered PAF's, vacuum potted, with classic 7-8k impedance, to replace the non-potted 490's in my 20016k Gibson SG T Series....I've used GFS before, just never a covered PAF....
  9. Robert Herndon

    Information Request

    I need the thread diameter and pitch on the posts of a 2016 Gibson Nashville Bridge for a project. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Robert Herndon

    Left Handed Epi SG or LP

    My 19 year old son has been playing his left handed Fender acoustic I bought him in 2008 and coming along well, although he isn't quite as fanatical about playing as I am. He wants an electric and I told him I would get him a lefty guitar....and givr him my oddball 1997 Marshall Valvestate...
  11. Robert Herndon

    2016 Gibson "T" Series Faded - Value

    Im thinking about selling this. Brand new, purchased September 27, 2016, with Gator TSA style case. Painstaking intonation and full setup. What's a fair price???
  12. Robert Herndon

    2016 Gibson Les Paul 50S Gold Top

    Played one tonight at Guitar Sinner - flat black with a Gold top. Back of the guitar showed sanding marks!!!! But oh the tone!!!!! I was really impressed. Much better feel and tone than the shiny $1,500 Gibby's!!!! Want to find a lefty like this for my son....
  13. Robert Herndon

    Randy Rhoads

    Big inspiration for me. Saw him perform live. Met his mom in 2002 and presented her with an instrumental I wrote in his honour, "Panorama." His grave is near my home, so I visit now and then...
  14. Robert Herndon

    Multi-Ply SG Truss Rod Cover

    Anybody make one to match my pickguard????
  15. Robert Herndon

    EDS-1275 Variation

    Guys, Been looking at lots of vintage Gibson double necks. All of them, thus far, have the screwed-on tailpiece, but I have seen variations in the pickguards. I just played a brand new Gibson EDS-1275 and it had 6 screw pickguards....then i saw a 1970's era EDS-1275 that had an 8 screw upper...
  16. Robert Herndon

    Brass or Copper Cavity Cover?

    Was just thinking...wonder how this would work??? We use copper tape, right??? I suppose one could surmise that most interference would come from the front of the instrument, but then why shield the floor of the routs???
  17. Robert Herndon

    Blue Les Paul Finish

    Guys, My 19 year old fell in love with some kind of blue burst (new) Gibson Les Paul @ Guitar Sinner... Can you get a left handed one Gibby or Epi in that finish???
  18. Robert Herndon

    SG Knobs

    Looking for these knobs new (not vintage) that will drop on my 2016 Gibson SG T Series and want volume and tone markings. Can you help me properly identify them and locate a source????
  19. Robert Herndon

    Violin Effect

    Just a 40 second clip of my Schecter through my DSL40C...
  20. Robert Herndon

    Jimmy Page Double Neck

    Played one last night...very nice....I fear that I must have one....

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