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  1. DaveInSoCal

    I had to share this!!

  2. DaveInSoCal

    Get your SG Love On

  3. DaveInSoCal

    NGD PTSD!!

    So here's my sad story.. I just bought a lovely 2019 black SG Standard, awesome tone and playability and the guitar I have been GASing for a long time. Anyway I was playing the guitar for the third time, still breaking it in loving that nitro smell! I took my hands off the guitar to reach for...
  4. DaveInSoCal

    Replacing Stock SG Pickups

    Hey all! Does anyone have experience replacing the stock pickups on an SG with the circuit board? I want to swap them out for something higher output but I don't want to swap the PCB electronics just yet. Specifically what I'm looking for information about is the crimper, pins and connector...
  5. DaveInSoCal


    Wylde Audio Blood Eagle
  6. DaveInSoCal

    Who is the biggest poser??

    Ok, I hate posers but there are quite a few out there! Please submit your most hated poser videos. My first submission is Jhonny Lang, it's an old video but he still pretty much sucks IMHO.
  7. DaveInSoCal

    NGD - Fail!

    Well, I’m sorry to say but I have made my last new Gibson purchase and it wasn’t pretty. So I have been wanting the Explorer Tribute for a while now and finally decided to go for it! I have the Epiphone Goth Explorer and I really love that guitar, especially since I put Dirty Fingers + pickups...
  8. DaveInSoCal

    Crazy but true!

    I saw Phillip McKnight demoing this on his channel yesterday. A Harley Benton 2x12 cabinet with 2 Celestion Vintage 30's for a stupidly low price from Thomann. I had to see it for myself and yup, it's legit! This cabinet is...
  9. DaveInSoCal

    NGD!! Schecter Damien Platinum 7

    Love this one!! My first Schecter, so far I'm very impressed! Great playability, Mohogany body, maple neck with rose wood. EMG 81 / 85, Grover tuners. For the price you would be hard pressed to find a better guitar.
  10. DaveInSoCal

    What is the point of this guitar existing??
  11. DaveInSoCal

    My Primary Guitar

    Well, I have been working long and hard ( that's what she said!) to choose my primary gigging guitar. I am a Gibson guy but I also do love me some Strats! I have Epi's, Squiers, Fenders, and Gibsons. Explorers, Flying V's, SG's, Les Paul's and Stratocasters. Plus a few home brew projects of my...
  12. DaveInSoCal

    4 x 12 Cabinet Question

    Hey! I just bought an old Genz Benz GB412SL on Craigslist. I'm not real experienced with heads / cabinets so I need a little help here. The cabinet has a small sticker that is marked 8 ohms and 2 unmarked Jack's. I ohmed them out and each one is 4 ohms. So I'm guessing this is stereo? Each...
  13. DaveInSoCal

    Why are two guitars so different??

    Hey folks! So I'm in a quandary here. I have two guitars, both awesome but different models. To be precise a SG Standard and an Explorer. So when I play the Explorer seems so much more intuitive, faster and more enjoyable. Dont get me wrong, the SG crushes as well but the Explorer has the...
  14. DaveInSoCal

    Should I install a pickguard?

    So I just purchased this guitar very recently, it was a little beat up and needed some serious TLC but she is a screaming beauty now! I just can't understand, why don't people take care of their guitars?? Anyway that's a post for another time. So it has no pickguard by design but I'm thinking...
  15. DaveInSoCal

    Just posting my pics

    Newbie Dave here.. Finally got around to posting some pics of my SG's. Can I join the club?? :dude:
  16. DaveInSoCal

    Hi from SoCal!

    Hey everyone!! I'm Dave, been scoping out the forums for a long time and decided it was time to jump in to the fray! I love me some SG's! I have 3 Gibson SG's and 2 Epiphone SG Pro's. I have other guitars as well but who cares about those?? My music style is hard rock, stoner rock and...

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