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  1. DaveInSoCal

    I had to share this!!

  2. DaveInSoCal

    Get your SG Love On

  3. DaveInSoCal

    Gibson sg mods

    I have a guy that does very good prewired pots / switch. I have purchased two over the last year for two of my SG's. He uses CTS pots, Switchcraft jack and switch, orange drops. He ships same day and his stuff is really well done.
  4. DaveInSoCal

    Strat pickups on an SG

    Nice job, that pickguard looks great! Strat pickups on a SG? No thank you, SG's are already bright with humbuckers, I couldn't imagine with Strat single coils. Cool project though!
  5. DaveInSoCal

    NGD PTSD!!

    Ok, finally an update to this post. Before the damage to my new holy grail black SG Standard I would probably keep this guitar stock. Anyway now that is is broken in, I went ahead and swapped out the pickups to something more my style and put Dimarzio strap locks. It used to sound so sweet but...
  6. DaveInSoCal

    NGD PTSD!!

    Well, the sad truth is that I had straplocks for it but hadn't installed them yet! Anyway, I'm ok with the ding, and since now for me it doesn't have that pristine image anymore, I can swap out the pickups and electronics, put some Dimarzio strap locks on it and get out there and play.
  7. DaveInSoCal

    NGD PTSD!!

    So here's my sad story.. I just bought a lovely 2019 black SG Standard, awesome tone and playability and the guitar I have been GASing for a long time. Anyway I was playing the guitar for the third time, still breaking it in loving that nitro smell! I took my hands off the guitar to reach for...
  8. DaveInSoCal

    Bugera ps1 attenuator

    I have the PS1, I have used it at bar gigs and at home with a Marshall DSL50. It works great but it does get pretty hot when the amp is cranked! I have only used the speaker out in my configuration but so far it has been great for me!
  9. DaveInSoCal

    Replacing Stock SG Pickups

    Well, this is a new guitar this has 490 R & T I have another of the same model, 5 years older with 490 R and 498 T. I like the 490's but the 498 is too bright for my taste in an SG.
  10. DaveInSoCal

    Going out of tune...

    Agree that that nut slots are the culprit. One thing to note, Gibsons are cut for 009 gauge strings. If you went up to a higher gauge you could get some pinching in the slots. If you ever hear the "tink tink" sound when tuning or bending the strings are definitely being pinched.
  11. DaveInSoCal

    Replacing Stock SG Pickups

    Thank you for the input! Looking at those pins, for sure my eyes aren't good enough to do that! In the past i have removed the PCB's and installed the pots but this time I was thinking of taking the easy route, but maybe not so easy. I found a guy online that will build the vintage circuit on a...
  12. DaveInSoCal

    Replacing Stock SG Pickups

    Hey all! Does anyone have experience replacing the stock pickups on an SG with the circuit board? I want to swap them out for something higher output but I don't want to swap the PCB electronics just yet. Specifically what I'm looking for information about is the crimper, pins and connector...
  13. DaveInSoCal

    Tweak Overload

    Ah yes, the essence of the tone chase! Gain / Distortion / Volume. There is a subjective sweet spot you just need to find it. One day it sounds great, the next day same guitar same settings it sounds like a$$. I have 6 amps, 6 cabinets and 25+ guitars and I'm still chasing the tone! There are a...
  14. DaveInSoCal

    Is this Junior legit?

    I have the 2013 LPJ and it is a surprisingly good guitar. The SGJ has 490 R / T pickups so you can't go wrong with that! I bought the LPJ used and it was like it had never been played, the setup was perfect. Such a great deal!
  15. DaveInSoCal


    Pickup selector?? Who uses that? :dude:
  16. DaveInSoCal


    Wylde Audio Blood Eagle
  17. DaveInSoCal

    Who is the biggest poser??

    Ok, I hate posers but there are quite a few out there! Please submit your most hated poser videos. My first submission is Jhonny Lang, it's an old video but he still pretty much sucks IMHO.
  18. DaveInSoCal

    Is an SG with a cracked headstock worth keeping?

    It looks like a home repair to me, not saying it's not good just not / sanded finished as a luthier would do it.
  19. DaveInSoCal

    The Soft case that comes with the new SG Standard.

    This really is a pet peeve of mine as well. If you buy what is considered a "pro" level guitar, it should come with a hard case period. It used to be that way with Gibson but they are slowly phasing out hard cases for most guitars. In my opinion a guitar that is prone to headstocks breaking...
  20. DaveInSoCal

    SGJ finish

    I have a 2013 LPJ in the same color, it's a nice finish, no lacquer or gloss at all. It's a really great guitar, basically a Studio without the lacquer top coat and a maple neck.

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