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  1. Col Mustard

    Epiphone SG Special P90 - how close is it to the Gibson version?

    We've seen these threads before, where some want to bash Epiphone and others want to praise them, and where some want to bash Gibson for being over priced and self delusional... There is truth and fiction in all of it. IMHO they are both good, and useful in their own way. Some of us can afford...
  2. Col Mustard

    Tony Iommi SG Gibson and Epiphone.

    An interesting video... The Epi seems like a "cracking guitar..." In the hands of a good player the Epi looks to give up nothing. Epiphone guitars respond really well to setup. The Polyurethane finish is more practical and more durable. The Gibson has authority as one would expect given the...
  3. Col Mustard

    Not for purists... TeleSGcaster, Bigsby and Goldtop

    That looks like an instrument which is one of a kind. ...perhaps like yourself sir. I'll bet it has a totally unique tone, not sounding like anyone else's guitar. Another check in the plus column. Very cool. My whole life has been dedicated to the confounding of purists of all varieties. So I...
  4. Col Mustard

    Strap button damage.

    good suggestion. I would say it's much less likely with an SG because my SGs weigh seven pounds or less (3kg) It's possible that an SG's screw might be forced into the mahogany body by a blow, or by slipping off something and falling right on the screw. Not very likely. Here on ETSG we...
  5. Col Mustard

    New pickguard, yay or nay ?

    so let's see it! let's see your new P/G on your beautiful SG special. Here's mine... I named her Catalina I made my own P/G, tenon cover and switch washer out of ebony headstock veneer. Oh yeah, I made the control cavity cover out of ebony too. I just don't like plastic things very much...
  6. Col Mustard

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    thanks chili... the world has definitely changed.
  7. Col Mustard

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    sorry about that... I've been a member of this forum long enough that I'm used to using a real computer and a real keyboard to write real responses to complicated issues. Gibson bashers can pound sand. Unfortunately for me, the world has changed and guys are attempting to function on an...
  8. Col Mustard

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    And when in doubt, lower the pickups... (not raise the action) use a screw driver... Gibson gave us these things so we could adjust it all to what we want. Pickups too close to the strings are a no-no. Those magnets can have a strong effect on the steel strings. But not a good effect. I think...
  9. Col Mustard

    NGD!! P90 alert!

    SG with P-90s is one of those classic tones... Pete Townshend, Tony Iommi, Carlos Santana, Frank Zappa... these guys knew tone. Anyway, for the rest of us, the P-90 sound is totally retro. But so what. Retro has a way of coming back to bite the avante-guarde in the arse when they weren't...
  10. Col Mustard

    Epiphone SG Special P90 - how close is it to the Gibson version?

    The good Doctor is right... he knows Epiphone guitars as well or better than anyone on these boards. Oh and remember our ETSG motto: Pictures, or it never happened Remember also ETSG alternative motto: "Play it before you buy it... That's how you know." We have seen endless streams of...
  11. Col Mustard


    Criminey... just take the instrument to the best luthier you can find or afford, and have him check the wiring completely and set the instrument up. It one part came off, maybe others are at risk or about to fail. Who needs it? Many of us study these things so we can do our own repairs etc...
  12. Col Mustard

    My epiphone problem

    Your guitar needs to be set up, in my humble opinion. I may have suggested this to you in your earlier post. But I will say so again. Getting your guitar set up means that the strings will all play correctly when you tune it to Concert Pitch. It will cost you some money, but it will also...
  13. Col Mustard

    Epiphones 1966 version of the SG

    Wayne Kramer used a Wilshire sometimes and so did Fred Smith. Johnny Winter used one to great effect also But to get back to thread: The Epi G-400 version of the '66 SG is an excellent guitar even if it's not an accurate reproduction.
  14. Col Mustard

    Anyone besides me prefer the batwing guard?

    I have one of each. I love my guitars for their tone. The p/g makes little difference. They both do what they are supposed to do. That said, I've hand carved both my pick guards, one from Ebony headstock veneer and one from a walnut plank I got from a cabinet maker.
  15. Col Mustard

    Pickup Swap - looking for versatility....

    right on
  16. Col Mustard

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Welcome to ETSG! I'd start by saying that there is NO real reason why your Gibson guitar with Gibson pickups can't give you everything... Deep clear lows, tough and present midrange, jangly and musical highs with no ice pick. That's the way a Gibson SG played through a decent amp can sound...
  17. Col Mustard

    Year? Model?

    yes and if you compare the photos of the 1972 SG special in that Reverb page to what's in your photos, it's also very close. Those were equipped with "Tarback" Humbuckers which is another word for the Bill Lawrence design. It seems very likely that your old SG was one of those. All the beveling...
  18. Col Mustard

    Year? Model?

    Unbound neck and no crown inlay, it looks like an SG special... I'd call it a late '70s or early 80s Norlin. They had a model called a Standard/Special in the mid '70s, IDK much about them. Shreddy is right... it could have been issued first with mini humbuckers and then routed for humbuckers...
  19. Col Mustard

    Fav 'SG' tones ?

    All these classic players are one thing... but how about modernistic players of our favorite SG.? Derek Trucks is one of the best IMHO. Just google his name and see. But don't forget Samantha Fish. Let me post a video for you and you can make up your own mind. I would never try and emulate...
  20. Col Mustard

    Favorite new OD pedal...

    I'm still in love with my Boss Blues Driver... That's not a new pedal, I just like the way it makes my guitar(s) sound. My other favorite is my Tube Screamer TS-9. It isn't the vaunted TS-8, but I feel that most of the hype and spin surrounding the TS-8 is only marketeering propaganda. Having...

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