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    2015 SG Standard - now with P-Rails

    Chubby, I'm prepping to test this out myself on an SG-style guitar, and bought the Triple Shot rings but would rather use the existing ones that you have. I bought the Triple Shot rings, but didn't like how they sat on the guitar. The Les Paul rings built for arch top guitars had the right...
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    Epi Prophecy with EMGs-who has one?

    I'm sure I remember at least one person pretty active on the forum having one of the older prophecy's with the EMG 81/85s in it. I have the one with Dirty Fingers and really like it. Do you think the EMGs sound very different? Dirty Fingers are supposed to be more high end and EMG 81 is...
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    What's the best Iommi pickup?

    Not sure what the Jay Dee pups are (Alnico V, II, ceramic, etc.), but 24k ohms is quite a bit higher than 15-16k ohms that the Birch pickups are currently are rated (Alnico V) and the Gibson Iommi (Alnico II/ceramic combo). Thoughts?
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    What's the best Iommi pickup?

    I'm also very interested in getting the Iommi sound from the Dio-era Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell records. The John Birch pickups above (Magnum 4 + Hyperflux 5). The person that runs the site, John Carling, says the resistance of the pickups are 12/15K ohms and use Alnico 5 CEM magnets. Pics...
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    2015 Gibson SG Standard or Special

    Thanks for the information and pic papa! Looks like these are plug and play, no additional holes or drilling, am I right? Would these be pretty standard for any SG?
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    Strings - what do you use and why?

    Late to the party as usual. Coming to this site is hazardous to my (financial) health as I then tend to buy another guitar. Going to look at an Epi Iommi today! I've used 9-46s and really liked them. However, seriously considering some 8-38's or 8-40's. If Iommi can get big sound for metal...
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    Over the mountain 2013 standard classic pickups

    Well played!!!! One of the first songs I learned to play the rhythm sections on. Still a favorite, and love the Rhoads tone!
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    2015 Gibson SG Standard or Special

    I didn't really catch this until I looked at your pic papa, the standards have 22 frets and the specials 24. Have you replaced the G force with either the Gibson Deluxe or Kluson Revolution? Did/does it have serious neck dive before or after?
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    2015 Gibson SG Standard or Special

    2 of the same SG? You must really love those! I see a whole beautiful family behind there too. Let me know if you're looking to part with one. I usually don't like the thicker/50's neck models, but I think I'd like to try one out for more than just a few minutes to see if it's really my cup...
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    2015 Gibson SG Standard or Special

    Thanks for the replies guys! The standard is, to me, prettier, but I ain't that pretty myself, much more functional (I hope). I do tend to like the feel of binding on a guitar. I love my 70s SG tribute, but the lack of binding is the one thing that is a slight detractor for me. Tuners and...
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    2015 Gibson SG Standard or Special

    These guitars are pretty rare and expensive to come across, but the Standards are very pricey. For those that have one or both, what's the main difference in them. Is the standard worth the substantial price differential?
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    Tony Iommi Tribute SG

    Alright gents, been a while since I've posted because every time I come onto one of these sites, I just seem to 'accidentally' get more guitars. That's plural... I, too, love the Iommi sound. Huge Sabbath fan, but the Dio records for me are what resonate. Even the last Heaven & Hell record...
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    New Epiphone Prophecy SG

    I had one of those, and I agree, really liked. Only real problem was the neck dive and for some reason had talked myself into thinking it seemed 'lesser' since it was multiple pieces of wood and had the Epiphone branding. Fool that I was, sold it...
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    NGD: Aria Pro II CS-400

    Got this last Friday. The Aria Cardinal Series has 24.75" scale, neck is a bit thicker than most of my guitars, but plays really nice. I have yet to take it apart, clean, and put new strings on it. Not in bad shape for a 37 year old guitar. Wanted the set neck version.
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    Would anyone be worried about this neck repair?

    I don't purchase guitars with the intent to flip, but since you never know, I want to make sure that it is resellable. I decided to pass on it, but it sold pretty fast. Maybe someone was close, took a look, and got it! The repair looked incomplete at best to me, but someone might have got a...
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    Would anyone be worried about this neck repair?

    The owner supplied documentation from the repair shop, but it gives no details. I can reach out to the repair shop to see if they have any additional information, it was only done last November. I guess that will be my next move. He's still probably asking too much for the instrument, but the...
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    Would anyone be worried about this neck repair?

    Not set on guitar. BUT, it does seem like a good deal. It's an SG supreme that's about $600-$800 cheaper than those I see on reverb or ebay. Do I NEED another SG, or guitar for that matter? Probably not-especially if you ask the wife lol! Seems like a split between ok and no-way...
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    Would anyone be worried about this neck repair?

    I haven't seen the guitar in person and it's quite a haul to get to, so wanted to ask some of the folks here. Does the appearance of this neck crack, claimed to have been professionally repaired, scare anyone off prior to taking the long ride to see (170 mile drive)? I've never had a guitar...
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    New Album Featuring My Epi Ltd Ed Iommi SG

    I'm going to take a listen this afternoon-CAN'T WAIT!!! Thanks so much!!!!!
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    Tuning down a 24,75" scale guitar - at which point will it begin to effect clarity significantly?

    Just found this post. Here's something regarding all of this. Doesn't Tony Iommi use 8's for strings AND drop tuning? I'm sure some of our Iommi guru's can tell us how that worked out. I'm actually considering going to 8-42 strings myself but staying in standard tuning.

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