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    Amp improvement?

    Every amp will be "perfect" for somebody, so the big question is always "How does a particular amp serve you"? My recommendation would be to try any amp before you buy it. The Orange amps have a great reputation with a lot of folks, but I have never used one yet myself so I can't speak to their...
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    Strange SG Identification

    I can't imagine somebody making a "fake" like this, so I am taking it at face value. It appears to be heavily modified whatever it started out as. The lack of bevels in the horns screams early 70's Norlin era to me, and the single shallow bevel in the lower horn could have been added later. The...
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    Am I nuts!

    Yeah, that is why I said "not specifically true", my experience plugging my Gibsons into a Fender amp did not always give me the magic, much like you noted. I have gotten some sweet sounds out of other amps as well plugged straight in without pedals, so much depends on the amp design as well as...
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    Am I nuts!

    Higher output pickups will push the pre-amp section a little harder which depending on the amplifier design often pushes the circuits to distort the signal. Pickups themselves don't distort, distortion happens in the amp. An amplifier that has a lot of "headroom" by design will handle a much...
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    Is this Epi SG worth putting some money into?

    +1 to the above. Mods are for your benefit alone, and whether the guitar is an Epiphone or a Gibson, most mods will not have a commensurate effect on resale value. I never consider resale value since I don't sell guitars, but I am aware enough to know that at best a $200.00 upgrade typically has...
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    Is this Epi SG worth putting some money into?

    If you plan to take it on tour, I would definitely use the Epiphone since you know it is a comfortable fit. You can spend a little money and get it playing like a beast, and not have to sweat the inevitable dings and dents it is going to get on the road. Also, great advice above from Dr.B. Add...
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    Marshall 1931 1x12 cab - buzz

    Buzzes and rattles can be super difficult to locate and diagnose, and that is the first step to fixing anything. I would use a stethoscope to try and localize the source while someone strums the guitar. The rattle will get louder the closer you get to it. For a "poor man's" stethoscope you can...
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    Best Gauge Strings For SG standard?

    Agreed. Give me the "best" and "worst" sounding instruments, amps, strings, or what have you and I will find something that you can use it for, and something you may need or can use to great effect that is "missing" from the other instrument. As Col Mustard said above, when you start thinking...
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    Speaker for a 1x12 cab (Recommendations)

    That pretty much sums it up. :smile:
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    Can Sound/Tone Be Improved In this 2016 SG Standard?

    BIG +1 on taking some time to work on height adjustments. The sound you want may be there already just masked by less than optimal adjustment. The only component in the control cavity that will noticeably affect tone is the value of the tone cap, not the type/shape/color/age of the cap, just...
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    Opinion on probuckers pickups?

    One of my local guitar shops has a set of counterfeit PAFs in his display case. He will not sell them, but he does use them to show how good the fakes can be. They are good enough to fool me, but I am no expert and can't afford (and hence have little interest in) "expensive old s##t " when I can...
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    Is there a downside to a straight neck with no relief?

    The number 1 sign of worn frets by a million miles is divots. If you don't have divots the frets are not worn out, and no matter how smooth a player you are there is no way for fret wear to be distributed evenly over the entire fret. It is always going to be concentrated under the strings you...
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    Is there a downside to a straight neck with no relief?

    Just to clarify a bit because I am not sure if we are using terms in the same way... Neck relief should be a slight forward bow, not back. If the neck is "dead straight" at rest with no string tension, bringing it up to standard tune will pull forward bow into the neck. This would be neck...
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    Is there a downside to a straight neck with no relief?

    I like a nice low action on my Gibsons, and at first blush a "dead straight" neck seems to be the best thing. That said, I have seen guitars that benefited from a small amount of neck relief. If there are string geometry issues that are too costly to fix by another method in the moment, a touch...
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    Are heavy SG’s bad?

    My first thought is just that if it feels good to you, it ain't too heavy. I think when you are pushing towards 8 pounds you are on the heavy end of SG land, but as you noted my Les Paul weighs a fair bit more than that and I am fine with it. One of the things I like about the SG in general is...
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    1979 Gibson “The SG” lower bout carve is different…….

    That is one unique instrument, Very cool! Bevels were often minimized or even omitted on some models in some years during the 70's. "The SG" and its sibling "The Paul" in particular were very bare bones models on top of that. It would not surprise me if no bevel at all were used at some point...
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    Speaker for a 1x12 cab (Recommendations)

    Yup, so many things make a difference, big or small. Mic placement alone can make an unbelievable difference in recording. A quarter inch left or right, up or down, backwards or forwards on the speaker cone, even the angle in the same place can make an audible difference. Same thing with micing...
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    Speaker for a 1x12 cab (Recommendations)

    +1 to the above. When watching any sort of speaker shootout, you have to remember that the speaker makes a difference at the sound source, but then the microphone and signal chain used to record it makes a difference, the way the signal is processed will be impacted by the speaker choices made...
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    She's Back!!!

    Gotta love a happy ending! That baby is gorgeous, just the right amount of natural wear from loving use! It is good to know she wasn't abused while she was out on walkabout.
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    NGD - 2017 Standard T

    The only "must do" items are, number one proper set up to see what you have, and after that are items needed to fix any deficiencies that show up after a few weeks or month of significant play to get the most out of it. If you "read the internets" you will get the impression that there is a...

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