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  1. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    What's wrong with my comment? You apparently have some magical power where you can determine relief from a photo. And all these years I though you measured relief by putting a capo on the first fret, pressing down at somewhere around the 14th fret on an SG essentially turning the string into a...
  2. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    You can tell neck relief from pictures? That’s a new one.
  3. Snake Plissken

    Period Correct Top Hat Knobs (Help)

    If you don't like how high the knobs sit then you really don't want vintage-spec'd / period correct knobs. Clearly states on the Philadelphia Lutherie site that vintage correct knobs will sit noticeably higher: "To make sure you are ordering the correct knob for your guitar look at the...
  4. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Yes it does. When someone says they play with a heavy hand it's referring to the strumming hand.
  5. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    You're cherry picking a very specific situation here and using the extreme as an example, which is not the same. Nobody said "lots of relief" and "high action". I simply said minimal relief and low action combined with a heavy hand is not a good combination and sets you up for buzzing. This does...
  6. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    There are MANY threads where someone asks about pickup suggestions and in pretty much all of them Col Mustard chimes in and says there's nothing wrong with the pickups. It's like his reply is cut and pasted from each thread to the other.
  7. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Are you being sarcastic or are you being serious?
  8. Snake Plissken

    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Col Mustard's answer to every thread is that everything Gibson makes and everything they spec their guitars with is superior to everything on the planet, and if you want to change or swap something out (especially swapping Gibson pickups for something else because those are the holy grail, is...
  9. Snake Plissken

    JHS Bender Fuzz

    Can't say enough god things about this Fuzz. Popped up locally and decided to take a chance on it. Loving it with the SG. So many tones in this pedal from full on fuzz to overdriven tones and cleans up really well with a little roll off of the volume knob.
  10. Snake Plissken

    Question for 63 Reissue Special Owners!

    This right here. I think too many worry about neck thickness without taking the overall profile/shoulder into consideration. I have several electrics and they all feel dramatically different. I have a Telecaster with an American Original 50's neck that is known to be substantial and chunky. My...
  11. Snake Plissken

    Fender '59 Tweed Bassman & SG!

    Recently picked up a '59 Tweed Bassman Reissue. Only paid $700 for the amp. It's from he late 90's/early 2000's. First thing I did was take it to an amp tech and have it gone through. Was told this amp meeds absolutely nothing and is squeaky clean inside and out and they even commented on how...
  12. Snake Plissken

    Looking for advice... 61 Reissue vs Standard T

    You can't say that one model is better than another. It all comes down to the individual guitar. I've owned amazing examples of several SG Classics, Standards and currently have a 2019 '61 Standard with the Maestro Vibrola. You just have to play it for yourself and decide it it's what you're...
  13. Snake Plissken

    2022 SG Standard 61 upgrades

    What don't you like about the guitar? What makes you curious about upgrades? Why did you buy the guitar if you are already asking about "upgrades'? Why not buy the exact guitar you wanted in the first place? Not trying to be snarky here, jsut asking valid questions so we can better gauge what...
  14. Snake Plissken

    SG Neck Question. Not Slim Taper

    There's truth to this. Before the internet and forums telling us what we must like and dislike, people pretty much played whatever they played. Now everyone is an expert with such discernible taste and only the finest, most perfect guitars with only the perfect neck will do. I dont even have...
  15. Snake Plissken

    SG Neck Question. Not Slim Taper

    I’ve never been much of a fan of the slim taper neck and always preferred the chunky necks on the discontinued SG Classics (the one with P90’s). But not all slim taper necks are the same. The neck on my 2019 ‘61 Standard is pretty substantial and noticeably gets fatter as you go up the neck...
  16. Snake Plissken

    smoky or smudgy nitro finish on a 1989 '62 reissue

    It is interesting how people buy VOS and relic’d guitars without a thought, then get all worried about a 30+ year old guitar wanting it to be perfect.
  17. Snake Plissken

    smoky or smudgy nitro finish on a 1989 '62 reissue

    That’s most likely between the wood and finish, so nothing you do will clear it up. It is what it is. If it is just the top of the finish you could clean it with lighter fluid and then try to buff it out with some Meguiars Scratch-X 2.0, but with a guitar that old it’s probably better just to...
  18. Snake Plissken

    '77 SG Special Fretboard a deal breaker?

    Unless there’s something special or magical about it, just because it’s old doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or worth the asking price.

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