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  1. Les’s Nemisis

    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    I I run mine around .005 too typically. That's with a capo on the first fret and holding the low-E down at the 17th. But the .010 string measurement at least gives you a visual starting point. Then you can drop from there. I believe the GIbson spec is still .010. But I have There are lots of...
  2. Les’s Nemisis

    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    The 2011 batwing I mentioned (not 2012) is a '66 style, not a '61. Definitely chunkier than a '61 slim taper. Significantly. Feels like a Fender Strat neck to me... like a Modern C, but Gibson/Epi wide and flat. Heel is still the '61 style. The neck and larger pickguard are the only differences...
  3. Les’s Nemisis

    Junior Bridge Question

    If this is a recent purchase of a new guitar, measure from inner edge of nut to centerline of bridge posts. I believe it should be 24.75. Someone else can correct that if there's a variation in the spec for these. Or, run the numbers by Gibson. You might also measure nut to 12th fret. The bridge...
  4. Les’s Nemisis

    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    My 2012 bat wing style is fairly chunky. I could get you some measurements if you have a caliper and can compare. EDIT: Just realized as I posted that this was a Gibson thread. My 2012 is an Epi.
  5. Les’s Nemisis

    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    You can use cut ends of strings as gauges. Factory relief is typically .010. A high-e measures that. I like it a bit tighter like many here, but that gives you a reference point. It's actually a whole lot easier to measure with and round string vs. a flat feeler gauge anyway when dealing with a...
  6. Les’s Nemisis

    '61 Epi Reissues and unplugged resonance?

    I could see that... as it all settles in. I might give this one some time, but it just seems to lack ring. To the point that sustain even with pickups is affected. Setup is close to ideal... it just doesn't ring. I might change the bridge - not because I think this one as an issue, but just to...
  7. Les’s Nemisis

    '66 style batwing pickguard - removing the bridge bushings?

    Thanks. It seems odd to me but I have nothing to compare it to.
  8. Les’s Nemisis

    '61 Epi Reissues and unplugged resonance?

    I have the same bridge!
  9. Les’s Nemisis

    '66 style batwing pickguard - removing the bridge bushings?

    Bump: Any thoughts on that routing at the bushings?
  10. Les’s Nemisis

    SG players that made you choose the SG

    Inspiration? Originally Carlos Santana and Dickey Betts. But these days more the tone of Pete Ham (Badfinger for you newbs) and George Harrison. Turned down a little on volume pots there are some sweet clean sounds.
  11. Les’s Nemisis

    Best Gauge Strings For SG standard?

    You can balance even closer with a custom set from those guys if you spend a few minutes in the tension calculator they have.
  12. Les’s Nemisis

    Is this Epi SG worth putting some money into?

    I'm also in with @DrBGood: The bolt-on 310 is a nice guitar. There's a little less access to the upper frets but it's still better than almost every other guitar available aside from the set-neck SG. Thin body, small neck heel, double cut-aways, what's not to like? The bolt on is also more...
  13. Les’s Nemisis

    Bridge pickup height on 2005 Faded Special

    My opinion on the DR blues is that they are a little warmer and fuller than most other sets. But not a lot warmer. Like just taking the shrill edge off warmer. I like them. As for preserving them, sure, if they are not old. The best way is to capo them at the first fret. That will keep them...
  14. Les’s Nemisis

    Two Amps (clean and broken up)

    Keith never talks much about his wiring, gear, etc and his techs are equally tight lipped. I've seen him play a lot of different stuff in the studio. But as for the basic question, dual mono is five times bigger than a single amp. Dual of one sound or mixed clean & dirty sounds great and you...
  15. Les’s Nemisis

    2022 Epiphone SG Standard tuning post hole size

    I think the good doctor (@DrBGood) has called it. But I always like to pull one and check anyway. I've been burned by my own assumptions on this point before. However, I'm a belt and suspenders guy. It's not hard to ream / drill them (ream top and bottom, drill center). But if you're not up for...
  16. Les’s Nemisis

    Epi SG's - Inspired by Gibby and not

    I hear you. I've become comfortable with their veneer covering but I do prefer "regular" wood grain to what they have for veneer. I'm guessing that it's lathed off the logs like plywood is and that why they have the stripes. But I don't know for sure. The veneers on furniture were always just...
  17. Les’s Nemisis

    Epi SG's - Inspired by Gibby and not

    FYI - It was priced at $899. I don't know if they are putting them on sale... but even the Standard set neck is up to $500 now. There is one SG still at $429 last I looked. At $700, that would definitely change the equation. Do you have any other Gibsons with Burstbuckers or '57's? I'd be...
  18. Les’s Nemisis

    Epi SG's - Inspired by Gibby and not

    Spent a bit of time playing a '61 Epi "Inspired by Gibson" SG yesterday. In terms of fit and finish and parts it was very nice but I didn't really feel like it was much different than my "regular" set-neck '61. The one feature it had that stood out was that it was two very nicely matched...
  19. Les’s Nemisis

    Newbie - which 2005 SG variant did I just buy?

    Five pieces of solid wood is still solid wood. I don't know that there's a limit. I'm just drawing a distinction between solid and veneer on solid (or plywood, or MDF, or particle board, etc). More pieces is generally less a visual preference for me. That's mostly because they don't seem to...
  20. Les’s Nemisis

    '61 Epi Reissues and unplugged resonance?

    You'd learn that Epiphone does indeed sell SG's.

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