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    My trio.

    The Godfather. :dude: :cheers:
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    A question for Gibson historians ;-)

    I like mine set this way. My SG Special. I added the pointers. My SG Standard '61. I added pointers. My SG Junior. Again, I added pointers.
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    My trio.

    :thumb: :dude: Awesome! :cheers:
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    My trio.

    How about a solo shot of each. :D Junior weighing in at 5.8Lbs. This one has a big clear sound. Sweet to roar. It's all there. Full tight bottom with a nice balance of low and high mids. Top end bite that has sting yet, no harshness. A beast...
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    NGD!! P90 alert!

    HELL YEAH!!! :dude::dude::dude: :cheers: Here's mine. :thumb:
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    Best Gauge Strings For SG standard?

    :thumb: :cool:
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    SG players that made you choose the SG

    I started in '79 when I was 13. It was the Les Paul that I wanted because of Ace. So, my folks got me a Memphis LP copy. Of coaurse, I was aware of the SG, Vee, Strat etc. as well. It was the Les Paul that was "it" for me. I've played several SGs over the years at shops or a friend had one...
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    My trio.

    Hello Y'all. New guy here. Just found out about this joint. :thumb: Here is my SG trio. All are January builds. '20 Junior, '21 Standard '61 and '22 Special.

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