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  1. gary glaesemann

    Best Selection of Epiphone and Gibson SG Pickguards & Backplates!

    Hi Folks! This is Gary Glaesemann from GaryG's Guitars; I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm amassing a pretty respectable collection of pickguard and back-plate templates for Epiphone and Gibson SG's, Melody Makers etc. and everything we list is in stock-ready to ship immediately. We...
  2. gary glaesemann

    New/Replacement pickguards?

    I'm a WD Distributor, and I'm setting up with them to make a buttload of G-400 guards. Probably start with 100 of them. They don't have the templates so I need to procure an example of each of the different patterns. From what I can tell, there are 3 different guards, differentiated mainly by...
  3. gary glaesemann

    Why can't I see photos?

    Thanks guys.
  4. gary glaesemann

    Why can't I see photos?

    This is what I get for 75% of the photos posted on here....
  5. gary glaesemann

    Let's see your vintage SG!

    1963 Junior, 1970 Standard
  6. gary glaesemann

    So I found a '70 SG Standard, but I can't stand the T-Tops!

    Thanks for the clarification on the T tops. I just looked at the pickups on my '71 Les Paul (Deluxe with Factory installed Humbuckers) and it has t tops. They sound killer in the LP, I actually put in some Duncans back in the early 90's when my band was playing a lot and ended up putting the t...
  7. gary glaesemann

    Black SG Club

  8. gary glaesemann

    So I found a '70 SG Standard, but I can't stand the T-Tops!

    Forgive my ignorance, but I'm not familiar with the term "T-Tops". I just picked up a 1970 Standard with the stock pickups (Patent number stickers on the bottom) and they sound amazing.
  9. gary glaesemann

    List your SG mods along with pics.

    2011 '61 RI. Bill Lawrence L-500XL in the bridge position, some Duncan I can't remember in the neck position, the steel guard I ordered from Pro Steel pickguards in Australia. Celtic Cross inlaid truss rod cover from some Canadian dude on ebay. Kluson locking tuners. Chrome pickup rings, Gibson...

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