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  1. vic108

    The history of ETSG

    Hey John! How have you been?
  2. vic108

    The history of ETSG

    Miss you guys............
  3. vic108

    The history of ETSG

    Brings a tear to the eye..... great folks
  4. vic108

    New Traynor !

    back in '74 or so had a Traynor Y-GL3 and it really did "OUT TWIN THE TWIN". heavy as an anvil - loud as hell - nice tone. Good luck - hope it's a good one! It's a looker, for sure...
  5. vic108

    Job Search Will Succeed

    Good luck! I was laid off after 17 years from being operations manager at a local beer/wine distributor in 2011. the new owners thought they could find someone to do my job for less money. 3 months after they laid me off, they got audited by the state. my ex-boss calls and asks how many times i...
  6. vic108

    RIP B.B King 1925-2015

    B.B. King played a concert about an hour away a few years ago. CB got tickets for his friends up that way and for me too, then made the trip up from Florida to join us. A small town center was the venue and it was packed. His band was playing as he stepped on stage. He plugged in and hit one...
  7. vic108

    Court Case...

    Wonder why El Kabong was never brought up on charges?
  8. vic108

    Court Case...

    I just hope she didn't get amped up! That would really hurt!
  9. vic108

    All points bulletin!

    You too, Ess.....
  10. vic108

    Court Case...

  11. vic108

    All points bulletin!

    Hey Hey!! and Ess too! :cheers:
  12. vic108

    Condolences to BlackSG91

    All mercy and love to you... Godspeed Mary-Grace
  13. vic108

    Anyone else want one of these odd birds?

    My friends say I was there, but I don't remember! :rofl:
  14. vic108

    Anyone else want one of these odd birds?

    you are correct, Hammer..... ! I forget alot more than I remember these days
  15. vic108

    Anyone else want one of these odd birds?

    No, from the late 1990's. Gibson only made them for 3 years or so... Forget what they were called right off.
  16. vic108

    I'm Still Here....

    where's Esss and Skidshark? Anyone heard from them?
  17. vic108

    Anyone else want one of these odd birds?

    Now, here's an odd bird, for sure. But I love it and got it for cheap...
  18. vic108

    What's The Weather Like...Today?

    This was a few days ago. Rain and warmer temps took away most of the snow but we are expecting more tomorrow... Around here, an inch of snow throws everyone in a tizzy. "Humidity built the snowman, sunshine brought him down" - John Prine
  19. vic108

    What Mary Ford was really thinking...

    she was thinking about how she was gonna leave Lester and take all of his money - that's why they took the "Les Paul" off of the SG very soon after it came out...
  20. vic108

    The history of ETSG

    I tell yah, they are crawling out of the woodwork... So good to see everyone's still on this side of the dirt!

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