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    SG neck angles and case fit

    I'm sure. There can't be that many Gibson guitar case suppliers in Costa Rica.
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    SG neck angles and case fit

    Gibson bought GWW over a year ago, that’s probably why they’re not using TKL anymore. https://www.musicconnection.com/gibson-acquires-gww-guitar-case-company/
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    No crown on 1973 SG Standard

    Super cool guitar. The color of the finish is just perfection. Side question: How does the switching work on three humbucker guitars? I've actually never even played one.
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    Trapeze tailpiece install on Gibson SG?

    I'm contemplating a trapeze tailpiece install on one of my SG's. I think the ideal candidate is my Junior with the standard wraparound. Has anyone else done this? I saw an old thread here from 2013 but thought I'd post a new one rather than resurrect that one. The one I'm thinking of getting is...
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    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    Thanks, yes I’m familiar with that process. I just don’t have any gauges to be able to put a number to the amount of relief in a neck. This particular neck came to me with a tiny bit of relief (where I would normally set a neck) and I didn’t have to adjust it. I strung it with Ernie Ball 9.5’s...
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    2022 Epiphone SG Standard tuning post hole size

    I would look for vintage style locking tuners as an alternative. The Hipshot tuners are quite heavy and will introduce or worsen neck dive. Also I used them for a little while and they were fine but I’ve had friends complain that they were not reliable (i.e., strings slipping out of properly...
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    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    I'm ashamed to admit I didn't set it, and don't even have any gauges to be able to measure it. However, it did not need adjustment, IMO. After setting the bridge height, it plays great. No problematic buzz and the action is quite consistent up and down the neck.
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    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    Thanks! Is the geometry different? I’m not sure it is. Frets 23 and 24 take up the space where the neck tenon cover would be on a 22-fret SG, right? If there is a difference I don’t notice it. I mostly notice the chunky neck and how good it feels.
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    120 Anniversary 2014 Pickguard and chrome covers install

    The pole spacing really determines the cover. Most likely both pickups will use a 49-50mm cover. The Gibson will for sure. The SD could use a wider spacing for Fender/tremolo guitars but it’s unlikely unless whoever installed it used just whatever pickup happened to be handy.
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    120 Anniversary 2014 Pickguard and chrome covers install

    A Junior has a single P90, Specials generally have two P90's but there are some double humbucker Special SG's like yours. I'd recommend avoiding the Amazon pickup covers whenever possible. Unknown metals can have a negative effect on tone. Stick with some good name brand ones and you'll notice...
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    SGJ reimagined into a 61 style— New (to me) guitar day!

    I posted a WTB here a while back for an SGJ, and a fine gentleman from Canada answered with photos of a well worn 2013 SGJ that was more than a husk but not complete (although all said and done, all the original parts were included, except the pickups). It was a solid deal and I loved the wabi...
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    Make sure you buy a geniune Bigsby they said

    I like that it doesn’t hang off the end of the body. Who made it and where did you get it?
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    Speaker for a 1x12 cab (Recommendations)

    If you want a British style speaker the Creamback 65 is a good choice. Johan Segeborn was also impressed with the Mojotone British Vintage speakers and I have a pair of the BV-25M waiting to go in my 2x12 once I get off my duff. But those are only good options if you think you’ll be happy...
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    I'm flabergasted ...

    The only thing that video taught me is the guy who made it really likes to drop things on wood.
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    Are heavy SG’s bad?

    I almost always use a strap, even though 95% of my playing is done sitting down. It's just a tiny extra bit of security. It's funny, the 7 pounds 12 ounces is about the same weight as my 335. The 335 feels pretty light because I think I expect it to be a little heavier, if for no other reason...
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    Are heavy SG’s bad?

    One thing I like about the SG is the light weight compared with almost every other solid body electric guitar, especially the other famous one from Gibson. I just took delivery of a stop tailpiece Standard 61 that seems quite heavy for an SG at 7 pounds 12 ounces. In the grand scheme, it’s not...
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    1979 Gibson “The SG” lower bout carve is different…….

    I’ve heard of people electrocuting themselves doing that to wood. It’s pretty dangerous and at least some of the people who do that aren’t the most careful types. I believe it’s popular to use very high voltage transformers scavenged out of old microwave ovens. Anyway it’s a cool guitar.
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    Had some time to kill today.

    Very nice. I can wire it but mine wouldn’t be as neat.
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    NGD - 2017 Standard T

    Those look great! I just got a set of them too, but now I don’t have a guitar for them.
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    NGD - 2017 Standard T

    Update on my SG. I ended up returning it to Guitar Center. Several of the inlays were separating from the fingerboard and one was quite warped concave. I didn’t notice until I pulled the strings off to change them. I know it’s a fixable issue but it was more than I wanted to deal with. On the...

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