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  1. Duceditor

    Gibson's with Maple necks? Anyone know why?

    With so many variables from any one guitar to the next crediting wood type for a heard tonal difference is a risky affair. That said I've been playing Gibsons -- most with mahogany necks -- since the early 1960s. And I do percieve a difference which I credit to the wood type with my Les Paul...
  2. Duceditor

    Let' s talk about your guitars

    My SG is a 2004 SG Supreme. But like many here, I expect -- especially those playing for a good many years -- I currently have pretty much every type of guitar I desire. Its now more a matter of choosing what suits my day's playing needs than wishing I had this one or that. My SG... Some of...
  3. Duceditor

    New Member's "Hello!"

    I just learned of this forum, came, saw lots of good stuff, and decided to join in. New here, but hardly a new player. I've been playing since, I think, 1961 (or maybe 1962). First crap acoustic, then, in less than a year my first electric. A Gibson ES125tdc. Yeah, of course, did the rock...
  4. Duceditor

    My Posts Aren't Showing Up

    Ditto. Two attempts over two days. And an inquiry about it that also brought no response. I do hope this can be corrected and will appreciate any help moderators can offer! -don

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