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  1. Guitarist1983

    How did you learn to play?

    Grade school: piano lessons and church choir Jr High: guitar lessons, school chorus, organ lessons High school: more lessons, played for school musicals, church services, Top 40 gigs College: B.A. in music composition, guitar lessons, trumpet lessons, piano lessons, jazz band, concert band...
  2. Guitarist1983

    Treble Bridge Height Decked

    Follow up: I couldn't stand it and had to measure exactly. I decked the bridge on the High E side and measured the string action (fret 12) at 0.033" which is almost 2/64ths (~0.84 mm). Hope that helps. I should mention, that the guitar was unplayable that low. Fret out when bending notes at...
  3. Guitarist1983

    Treble Bridge Height Decked

    I have a 2023 61' SG Standard. I measured the bridge post gap using feeler gauges (I had 0.025" clearance on high E post). So I estimate the string height at 12th fret (on my SG) could be set as low as 0.045 inches ( <3/64" ~1.1 mm). My saddles are just barely notched (so they could be filed...
  4. Guitarist1983

    Gibson Deluxe tuners

    I would indeed contact Gibson, send a photo, and ask if the tuners could be replaced with a set having a common "stem" length.
  5. Guitarist1983

    How many guitars is fairly normal?

    I've been playing 52 years. The most I've ever had at any one time: 7--all electrics.
  6. Guitarist1983

    The SG’s “Long Neck”

    The SG neck is an asset for me when playing high slide parts. I can easily get a high E without having to contort my left hand.
  7. Guitarist1983

    What Would "Thunder Struck" be like without an SG? Listen here:

    Why is AC/DC's Thunderstruck so fascinating to other instrumentalists? Here's the 2-Cellos playing it live (w/tracks):
  8. Guitarist1983

    What Would "Thunder Struck" be like without an SG? Listen here:

    I can't say that Banjo is a direct replacement for the SG in Thunderstruck, but it's interesting:
  9. Guitarist1983

    Speaker for a 1x12 cab (Recommendations)

    Mr. @Bonzo21 , Did you decide on a speaker? I've got Celestions: G12H30, AlnicoBlue, G12M Greenback, G12-65, Warehouse Guitar Speakers (WGS) G12 variants, and Weber American styles. I went through a Speaker exploration "phase." Frankly, the Celestion differences are minimal to my ears at...
  10. Guitarist1983

    New SG muse pickguards . . .

    @Huntroll, I really like your white shell pickguard on white SG. Nice and classy.
  11. Guitarist1983

    First Jam with My First SG Was...

    Awesome! Just got to say that my new '61 Standard was a lot of fun to play today. Just fun! Didn't miss my Strat or Les Paul for a minute.
  12. Guitarist1983

    16 Humbuckers compared by Sweetwater, Many Comparison Sound files

    I found this very helpful to compare humbuckers. All of these were recorded with an Epi Les Paul: clean, gritty, medium dirt, and heavy dirt.
  13. Guitarist1983

    string gauge question

    String Joy has a tension calculator for string gauges. It's very informative:
  14. Guitarist1983

    Let' s talk about your guitars

    My only SG, ever, I just bought. It's a '61 standard and It's great! My son has a 2010 Musician's Friend LE SG Standard in White (now yellowing), with the batwing pickguard and Burstbucker 1 & 2 pups; he loves it. It looks like the one in @SGBreadfan 's post above...
  15. Guitarist1983

    Almost Ready to Buy My First SG

    Well, I've had good luck with Sweetwater and bought a '61 standard at 6 lbs 6 oz. It traveled 600 miles from Sweetwater to my house and it arrived in tune. It came with neck relief at 0.017", and medium high action (4.25/64ths and 5.5/64ths), good enough for slide work. The nut was well done...
  16. Guitarist1983

    Almost Ready to Buy My First SG

    Thanks for the comments. I live about 1 1/2 hours away from the nearest Big Box guitar shop that has an SG 61. There is an SG Standard up the street to try, and my son has a 2010 SG Standard that plays very nice. Being an old timer with a bad neck a 90 minute ride each way sounds unpleasant...
  17. Guitarist1983

    Almost Ready to Buy My First SG

    I'm trying to decide between the SG Standard 61 and the SG Standard. I prefer the looks of the 61 and its 60s BB pups. The SG Std has 490 pups, but I already have a Les Paul with 490 pups. But the 61's neck worries me a little; it's slim-tapered and joins the body at the 22nd fret. Whereas the...
  18. Guitarist1983

    New Member from Georgia

    Hello, one and all. I'm a long-time player, but I've never owned an SG. Les Pauls, Strats, a Gretsch, and a Tele in my past. But my back is giving out and I'm going lighter. SG looks like a fantastic option. Looking forward to learning from you experienced SG players.

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