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    1960 (SG) Les Paul special prototype!

    Yes I think that was indeed the case in that the idea was how to make the special not quite as high level as the sculptured standard but still get a modern thinner double cutaway. Yes... a working it out model.
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    1960 (SG) Les Paul special prototype!

    I am talking about 1960 not 1961 6 digits were and are real numbers for the 1960 models Check the serial number on the prototype it has no space after the 0. here are some examples of Les Pauls SGs from 1960 011186, 011189, 011190, 011485. The special protoype was produced late in 1960 well...
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    1960 (SG) Les Paul special prototype!

    That special looks like it has serial number 010xxx not 0 10xx . That 6 digit serial number places well after the 08000 series. So it is not a protoype to any of the sculptured Les Paul new standards .
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    Question I have wondered about and a interesting video to go with it.

    Just a couple of things...the new Les Paul Model (SG) was introduced towards the end of 1960 not 61. The neck construction looked abit like the epiphone except that Gibson used its traditional long neck tenon that makes the neck inserted all the way info the neck pickup cavity. "We have very...
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    Are ANY of the modern SGs correct? Body shape, neck?

    Ok the OP is correct the 60th anniversary top horn is too fat. Actually you can only see the difference by looking from the top. It is shaped like chisel when it should gradually go a point. Yes there is a correct 61 LP shape and when Gibson asserts that this is a faithful recreation then it...
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    60th Anniversary SG

    This reissue has got the pickguard right. It was first introduced with the 1960 model and lasted through the early 1961 models but the vast majority of the 1961 LP standard models had the shorter guard. So I am surprised and delighted that Gibson made a tip of the hat to the 1960 model. Now we...
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    60th Anniversary SG

    Nonsense...."Too wobbly, too breakable, and saddled with a weird Trem... Ol' Les Paul himself thought this. " The fact is Les Paul totally modified his LP SG custom but kept the sideways vibrola. There is not a lot of evidence to support your wobbly breakable position. The Les Paul SG model...
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    How did Gibson cut the bevels on an SG?

    They may not be Les Pauls in your book but they sure were in the Gibson Books. The ledger codes the 61 Les Paul as "LP new" for the early ones and then simple "LP" right up to 1963. The price list, hang tags, flyers and catalogues all call these sculptured standards.... Les Pauls . The...
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    Gibson SG Standard 61 with Sideways Vibrola

    yes the mojoaxe block works on the on the new sideways. Follow this link for installation info: However, I have found no tuning problems with the sideways vibrola as I have already noted with my 2 vintage Les Paul Standards in the SG style. Your vibrola must have been defective. No "tone...
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    Gibson SG Standard 61 with Sideways Vibrola

    You can clearly hear the string pinging in that video meaning the nut is catching the string. I am surprised he does not mention that. Some nut sauce will fix that. It is not the vibrola, it is the nut. The other thing is that that middle piece for mounting the vibrola is new and not on the...
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    65 or 66 Gibson SG Standard Pelham Blue...Value?

    What list are you referring to? Do you mean the Gibson Ledger? Published lists indicate that your guitar number 552583 falls between 550000 to 556909, a 1966.
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    Gibson SG standard help.

    Sometimes serial numbers can be useful. According to published lists, the range 147001 to 149891 would include 147508 , made in 1963 or 1964

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