61 reissue

  1. J

    Bridge Upgrade

    Hi gang. I have a 2001 ‘61 reissue with ABR-1. It has been a road warrior but needs a new Bridge. Heavy music played with heavy attack and it’s gotten a bit bent out of shape. I’d love to take the opportunity to upgrade the Bridge for something accurate that can take a beating. I’d like to avoid...
  2. Knightrich

    2019 SG Special neck vs ‘61 SG Standard

    Hi all, First post here. You all know your SGs! I recently got a 2019 SG Special in Pelham Blue and I really like the neck on it. I am finding that I may be more of a humbucker guy though, and can get a deal on a new ‘61 Standard through Sweetwater. My question is, are the necks the same on...
  3. A

    2020 Gibson SG Standard 61 One piece body or multi piece body

  4. GeorgeGR

    Cleaning products

    Hey everyone. Just got my Gibson SG '61 reissue and i'd like to ask you which cleaning products do you use. Is it really important to know what finish my guitar has so i pick the proper product? (nitro finish , and etc) Any cleaning advice is welcome ! :)
  5. B

    Side Dot Help Please??

    I would appreciate some help if anyone knows? I’m restoring an 03 Custom Shop reissue of a 61 LP/SG to its original white. I’m also trying to get it as close as I can to the actual specs opposed to the “61-ish” CS replica. I was told by a person at a reputable guitar restoration shop that these...
  6. Anthony Tauchen

    ‘61 bridge position

    I just came into a 2002 ‘61 standard reissue. Loving the axe but immediately noticed the bridge is positioned with the screws down toward the tailpiece, my Les Pauls (purchased new) have the bridge screws up toward the pickup. I looked up pics online and I see this guitar setup both ways. I...
  7. paul-e-mann

    Spec For 61 Reissue 2012 SG

    Anybody have the spec for this, is it actually a 61 reissue or is that phony and its just a stock Standard? How to tell? It looks like a black Standard with small pickguard and the usual tulip kluson tuners.
  8. Lino22

    What '61 Reissue shall i be looking for?

    Hi guys, i am new in the amazing world of SGs. I have played my Les Pau '77 for over 20 years, and now i wanna get him a little brother. Is there any recommended year or time period for '61 Reissue, or none of them really stands out? Someone nearby sells one made in 2000, but it goes for...
  9. ChaseB

    2012 SG 61 Reissue Worn Brown For Sale

    It is with sadness and regret that I offer up my 2012 61 Reissue SG in Worn Brown for sale. I just purchased another Firebird which I love and can't afford to keep the SG any longer. Upgrades: Creamtone Wide Bevel SG Pickguard Creamtone NOS Tenon Cover Crazy Parts (Germany) tall pickup...
  10. Johan-san

    ADVICE - Satin-finished 61 RI SG?

    Hey there! (First post here I think...) I've been looking into purchasing the Satin-finished '61 RI SG that debuted in 2012 (feel free to correct me if my facts are wrong). I've never owned a satin finished guitar before and have only heard negative things about them for both the Epiphone range...
  11. EPOCH6

    SG Original 2 - Tuning Issues Solved

    This is actually my first post on the board but I've been lurking around for a while since I got my first SG, looking for answers to my tuning issues. Clearly I'm not the first person that has run into this issue with the SG Original 2 and I certainly won't be the last, so I figure I ought to...

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