1. Yannrock

    Dimarzio Norton

    Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster. Recently installed a Dimarzio Norton in the bridge position of my 2018 Standard. All I can say is I wish I did it sooner. I was afraid the mids would just be too much for that guitar, but all it did was give me a lot more bass and tamed the high...
  2. dub-setter

    di marzio wiring /soldering

    hi, i got this old dp 151 di marzio i want to throw in the bridge position of my epi custom. question is about how to solder since its a four wire one. can someone give an advice about the color of the cables (black/white /green /red) also:the blank one is for the ground?? thanx
  3. Bonzo21

    Poll: Any love for DiMarzio Super Distortion?

    What are your thoughts on the super distortion? I used to play a lot of metal, and essentially grew up with an X2n in the bridge of my #1 guitar. About 6 or 7 years ago when I stopped playing metal I got a SD to take the output down a bit (kinda funny right), but I instantly fell in love with...
  4. Bonzo21

    NGD Korina Explorer

    I got this in a trade about a week ago and put a set of vintage DiMarzio SD/PAF in it. Its the 2016 model. I'm very impressed by it. It's much lighter than I expected, its only a 3 piece body (middle and 2 wings) and it actually has a long neck tenon. Great feeling neck (hefty-ish D shape, which...
  5. a2dconverter

    Joined the SG Club - 2016 SG with Bigsby B7

    Howdy Folks, I have been watching this board since I bought my 2016 SG Standard in October... I can't leave well enough alone! As well as gutting the control cavity and replacing the knobs, pots, switch, caps and o/p jack... I replaced the pickups with Chrome Cover DiMarzio 35th Ann. PAF's. (I...
  6. Hispania

    Soapbar humbucker to replace P90

    Hello SG partners, I have an ebony 2011 SG Special with p90s and I wanna get a more fat and punchy tone. I love P90 for classic rock, but when I play hard and heavy (most of the time) the guitar sounds... Well, a bit thin and underpowered. So I've looked at the few soapbar humbuckers you can...

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