1. NoiseNinja

    My Boss MT-2 Metal Zone sounds great, believe it or not!

    Changed out the overdrive and distortion in my guitar pedal setup, so instead of my overdrive being my Harley Benton American Sound (relabeled Joyo), and my distortion being my Behringer GDI21 (Tech 21 GT2 clone), with the American Sound stacked in front of it, my overdrive is now my Joyo Orange...
  2. NoiseNinja

    Your favorite distortion?

    I've pondred on buying a Mooer Black Secret, Rat clone, that both got vintage and turbo mode, cause I really like the tones I've heard from various demos of it on YouTube, but don't think I am actually going to get one anyway, cause I actually really come to love the high gain distortion tone I...

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