1. NoiseNinja

    The "Effect Pedal(s) Incoming" thread.

    So this thread is for posting effect pedals that you are awaiting delivered in the mail or just about to order/buy. For me personal I ordered following 4 effect pedals that I am awaiting to arrive in the mail soon: - Nux Tape Core Deluxe (a relatively inexpensive, yet truly incredible digital...
  2. NoiseNinja

    Doesn't this forum lack a place to discuss effect pedals?

    Just hit me, every other category related to playing and creating music seems to be be pretty well covered, but there seem to be no place really to discuss use of effects, other than in relation to recording and production.
  3. dbb

    Post Your Current Pedalboard

    The signal path is 1972 CryBaby - Soul Food OD - Arion flanger - C9 Organ pedal - Ernie Ball volume pedal - FAB 600ms delay - Boss Loop Station The CryBaby is my oldest working pedal, although the pot and circuit board have been replaced.
  4. donepearce


    Got myself a Zoom G5. Has tons of effects, amp models etc which all seem pretty darned good. But you definitely have to use it by setting up patches ahead of time; I can't see a way to drive it live on stage. Anyone using it? I mean does it get any less complicated? (understand this question is...

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