1. Z

    1989 epiphone sg open book headstock, elitist?

    I recently picked up a 1989 epiphone sg with an open book headstock, made in Korea. I know these are relatively rare to come by, but the build quality is insane and it plays and sounds great, does anyone have any idea on what they would pay or value one of these at? It's got some age related...
  2. Gage Link

    Been here a while... Finally saying hello!

    I've played guitar for about 6 years now, and have become addicted to not only playing, but also researching, buying, and fixing gear. Over the years I've built up some amateur luthier skills and built a guitar and worked as a tech for local bands. Now, about SG's. My hunt for an SG began my...
  3. PeterH

    First Epiphone SG Standard '61 w/ maestro

    Hello everyone, I'm new here since I got my first Epiphone SG last week. I'm still a beginner but after the neck of my first Harley Benton SG had a weird angle I decided to get something nice without spending too much money. After trying out the a couple of the new inspired by gibson line in a...
  4. Tomás Gabriel

    Upgrading an Epiphone SG G-400 pro

    Hello there! The pictures you see below are pictures of my Epiphone SG G-400 pro. It's almost 4 years old, and finally i've managed to save up a bit of money to upgrade it, although I don't want to do it all at the same time. I want to upgrade it from time to time until I no longer have a killer...
  5. DaveySpeedstar

    Set up - Is this a regular thing?

    I’ve been playing my 2009 Epiphone G400 for a little over 2 years. I had the set up looked ar for the first time about a year ago, by a local tech who came recommended. When I collected I was told the action was fine, but the intonation needed adjusting. My question (as the title alludes to) is...
  6. Owain Kell

    SG Special vibrola fitting

    Hey all I recently bought a vibrola for my epiphone SG special. Just wondering if anyone had any tips on fitting? And if anyone had experience or pictures of the special with a vibrola. Thank you everyone
  7. Headspace1965

    New member SG fan 4 life!

    Hello SG owners! I have a question about my Epi SG. I have a 2019 G400 with alnico humbuckers. Is coil tapping them and adding push/pull pots worth the effort?From reading the threads so far, I know a treble bleed would need to be added. What benefit does a coil tap setup get you?
  8. Larry72

    Pick guard and truss cover for 2012 Epiphone SG 400 Pro

    Hi everyone...new to the forum. I recently bought a used 2012 Epiphone SG 400 Pro and I'm looking to replace the pick guard and truss cover. The current ones don't lay flat against the body and neck. I've looked around a bit but all the SG pick guards I've seen don't match the layout of my SG...
  9. M

    Identify SG

    Hi guys, I'm completely new here and in general to the SG world. The music teacher of the school where I work is a guitar player, this year he'll leave the school and he decided to give me as a gift his first guitar, that he bought in 2004 he said, as he's coming back to Australia and he can't...
  10. NoiseNinja

    Sound Test of My New Used Peavey Solo Special 112. (updated sound test)

    Update!!!: And new sound test, after I stuck an EHX Black Finger (tube driven optical compressor) into the Send/Return effects loop of the amp. Just be aware that I broke a nail since last recording, so some notes will sound weaker than intended, not the setup's fault...
  11. Nizo

    Strange truss rod cover

    Hi, So, I wanted to buy a used SG and will have a look at it today, I just wanted to ask you about that. It states it's an Epiphone SG 400, I'm guessing he misspelled it and it's a G-400. Sadly, he only posted just this one picture. The truss rod cover looks like it says "Gibson", written...
  12. NoiseNinja

    Replacement tuning mechanisms for an Epiphone Standard SG!

    Actually I am perfectly fine with my Epiphone SG Special being a really cheap guitar, it's a pretty solid guitar, and with the right adjustments it both sounds and plays great. Don't really have anything at all to complain about but one thing, the stock tuning mechanisms, which in my opinion...
  13. Beery Swine

    What do we know about this 2002 Epi flame burst model?

    It sure looks pretty as hell. I don't think I'll buy it because I need a couple PC upgrades sooner rather than later, but dang it looks nice. https://reverb.com/item/28420730-2002-epiphone-sg-400-flamed-top
  14. Beery Swine

    Pau Ferro fretboards on Epiphones blacken the fingers...

    ...and I *think* this is normal, possibly from the wood itself or maybe they roast it a little to get the color a bit dark so it resembles rosewood a bit more, so this is just a heads up to anyone wanting one of the Chinese imports. It washes off easy enough. I have 2 Epis with pau ferro, a '66...
  15. Beery Swine

    ̶N̶G̶D̶ New Guitar Week (sorry, no pics yet)

    Just got an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top in green burst. Pros: Absolutely loving it so far. Smooth pots with no static, solidly adjusted truss doesn't look to need adjusting, VERY resonant (surprisingly resonant even), as well intonated as I've ever heard any guitar, fret ends are almost perfect...
  16. HackeIommi

    Epiphone Ltd. Ed. 2015 Tony Iommi SG Custom Review

    Hey, folks! This will be a little bit of traditional style long review and edited for this forum. May take a long time to read. First I'll begin with my sad story. You will witness some of my problems lived in Istanbul. You will read some negative thoughts about Gibson SG's too. Please don't...
  17. TheKing

    1998 Epi SG400

    Hi there, Occasional lurker finally decided to post :-) I have a 1998 Epi SG with the Epiphone branded "Bigsby" tremolo that I bought in 1998. I'm looking for some information about it as there doesn't seem much about it on the net. I vaguely recall there was a legal issue with the tremolo so...
  18. Beery Swine

    Some modern G-400 questions on specs, personal opinions, and junk

    I have dark cherry '66 G-400 PRO with Alnico Classic PRO pickups, with 4-conductor wiring I assume, based on the push/pull coil splitting ability (not a fan of any such jiggery pokery, personally). I love it tonally, but the biggest issue is the sticky nut. Need to lubricate that at some point...
  19. Beery Swine

    Anyone have experience with Vineham Pickups?

    Been toying with the idea of getting a black '66 G-400 and popping in a nickel covered set of Vineham's Brown Noser pickups. Supposeded have a tone close to the PAF used by, ah, well, it should be obvious based on the name. Yeah, he used a suped strat and Floyd, but idgaf, I wanna try them in an...
  20. Greenstone

    90’s SG junk build

    Bought a 90’s Olive green SG special and completely rebuilt it with parts I’ve accumulated from my various guitar projects. Took it all apart, cleaned and waxed the body, conditioned the Fretboard and cleaned the electronics. Lubricated the hardware, saddles and Nut with guitar grease. I then...

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