1. R

    SG finish looks burnt, why did this happen?

    Hey guys, I woke up this morning and realized my new SG reissue (year 2020) seemed to look burnt in the finish. It’s just in one area but it looks really dark and i am not able to rub it or clean it off. i have been taking very good care of this guitar and can assure you i did not place it...
  2. Lunacy the Faded

    Post uncommon finish Epiphone SGs

    Cherry sunburst Transparent Blue flame top
  3. P

    Nitro Damage

    I bought a beautiful SG the other day (November 18, 2018) and two days ago I noticed a long ‘cut’ in the lacquer, it’s a long thin line going through that’s about 2 inches long. Almost like this, but only one line, and it is much more subtle and less pronounced. It is very subtle and hard to...
  4. S

    Is this a Finish Crack?

    Long Story Short: Is this just a Finish Crack? I searched for a long time to find my ideal SG in White. Finally found one "New" on Ebay. Only chose to buy on Ebay because it was listed as "New" not used. It is the only one the Seller HAd so a replacement is not an option but I did begin a...
  5. G

    SG stain and finish

    Hi, I'm looking to get some advice on staining and finishing. I'm curious what stain and finish yall think was used on this guitar. I really dig the natural look and I'm having a hard time pin pointing what the difference is that sets it apart from the faded SG's which I don't like as much as...

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