1. H

    80mm Tailpiece???

    Hey Guys, I'm overhauling my Epi SG G400 from the early 2000's. It seems to have a somewhat uncommon (as far as I can tell) 80mm post to post spacing for the tailpiece. Can anyone recommend a good replacement? Thanks in advance
  2. Headspace1965

    New member SG fan 4 life!

    Hello SG owners! I have a question about my Epi SG. I have a 2019 G400 with alnico humbuckers. Is coil tapping them and adding push/pull pots worth the effort?From reading the threads so far, I know a treble bleed would need to be added. What benefit does a coil tap setup get you?
  3. Beery Swine

    What do we know about this 2002 Epi flame burst model?

    It sure looks pretty as hell. I don't think I'll buy it because I need a couple PC upgrades sooner rather than later, but dang it looks nice. https://reverb.com/item/28420730-2002-epiphone-sg-400-flamed-top
  4. Chenosaurus

    New Pickups for my G400

    Hey everyone! i am currently in the process of replacing my stock pickups on my G-400. if i remember correctly it is currently rocking a pair of Alnico Classic PRO pickups. i usually play a variety of styles, mainly punk/grunge/psychedelic sounds (i love my modulation) and i incorporate...
  5. K


    Hello all, I just purchased a what I think, is a 2008 G400 and was wondering if anyone else owned one and could tell me anything about the pickups or any other info. The beginning code on the serial is EE0806. It has a bound neck and Grovers . I tried out a new 2018 but did not like it as much...
  6. Dmccluskey

    Epiphone G400R Bridge and Nut Replacements

    Hello all Looking to replace the tune-o-matic bridge, tailpiece and nut on my Epiphone G400R. I was wondering if you guys can tell me which type of bridge my SG has from the picture below (ABR or Nashville), and if it's a metric or imperial fitting? I'm looking at replacing it with something...
  7. N

    Epi G400: New Pickups or New Electronics?

    Hi All, I have an Epiphone G400 which is my daily driver. Primarily been a blues player but have rediscovered my love for metal of late. My SG feels and plays great for the heavier stuff but doesn't sound as good as it plays. It's just a bit muddy at high gain and there's a certain clarity...
  8. Lunacy the Faded

    The early Epiphone SG

    Hey EverythingSG I had saved a photo of Angus Young of AC/DC with an early Korean epiphone that has its headstock logo covered with tape.. Then shortly after a local Facebook ad for an early one came up cheap and sold within hours... Here are the photos.. I actually searched a bit...
  9. Lunacy the Faded

    Old Epiphone SG 400

    Hey everyone first post here, I enjoy the SGs I've played over the years and this recent delivery I wanted to share with you all here. I own two gibson SG faded models (2002 fretboard ebony with moons & a 2007) and have owned 3 epiphone SG models (special MII, G400 MIC and G400 Pro MIC) this...
  10. N

    Affordable upgrades for Worn G400

    Hi All, Glad to be a part of the SG brethren!! I just got my hands on an Worn Cherry Epi G400. Having been a Fender/Squier player till date the SG has been something of a revelation :dude: but I would like to make it even better with a few affordable upgrades. I'm based in the Asian sub...
  11. S

    Increasing the sustain of my Epi G400 pro

    Hi, I'm looking for ways to modify the named guitar in a way that it would have more sustain. What kind of methods have you guys tried to achieve this? Sharing is caring ya know. Absolutely love the SGs, actually got interested in them when i heard that Frank Hannon of Tesla rocks them.
  12. M

    Will a g310 pickguard fit a g400?

    Hey guy new to the community here. Ive got a beautiful cherry red g400 and im looking to do some modding. I have already moved my strap button to the horn and now i want to replace some parts with metal. I want to get a full face metal pickguard. It currently have a black half face pickguard...
  13. Raiyn

    G400 Upgrade build thread..... Now with PICS!

    Well, Night One was long, somewhat frustrating and slightly painful.. Bear with me, I've been up since 8 AM Monday so this might get disjointed. The guest of honor. Holy Chinese parts Batman! That has to be the single most half-assed application of shielding paint in the world. Holes to...
  14. Dave Johnson

    SG Pro with Bigsby B7

    Brought this little pelham blue honey home last week. It played great, sounded great, but just looked a little naked. So I did what any self respecting gear whore would have done. I Bigsby'd it! The B7's just look so right on an SG. I used the Vibramate but modded it to my liking. Also...

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