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  1. P

    What do you think of this upgrade on a Gibson LP Standard?

    Do you think this was worth the £1500 in upgrades or should I have left it as it was? It plays absolutely brilliantly!
  2. Jimi Some Moore

    Guns N' Roses- Sweet Child O'Mine - New& Improved

    A re make of my previous effort, if you have time, hope you enjoy !
  3. Jimi Some Moore

    Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

    My cover using my Gibson Les Paul R9.
  4. Jimi Some Moore

    Hotel California - Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll

    I play my Gibson SJ200(Intro) & Gibson Les Paul R9 (Solos) set to a movie interpreting the lyrics. Hope you enjoy !
  5. Jimi Some Moore

    Still Got The Blues - Gibson Les Paul R9

    My Tribute to the late great Gary Moore.
  6. ChaseB

    NGD!! Les Paul Classic Goldtop!

    Finally bit the bullet and got a Les Paul, I've always preferred SGs....having borrowed and played a few on my old man's Les Pauls and never really bonding with them. Always preferred the feel of an SG! Finally took the plunge and went with a Les Paul that seemed to have everything I liked...
  7. HardRockTyler93

    FS Gibson 2013 Les Paul Standard Plus Top AAA Trans Amber OHSC

    I'm the original and only owner, bought it new in 2013. Condition is very close to mint, has never been gigged with, only stays in my smoke free home. The original bridge pickup has been replaced with a Gibson quick connect Dirty Fingers Humbucker so the circuit board and original electronic's...

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