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  1. B

    My 1997 Gibson SG special

    Ok, I don't post that much here, and never took the time to introduce you my main guitar, so here I go! Here's my 1997 Gibson SG Special, a very special guitar to me, as it has become my main guitar over the years, and that I've really found what I'm looking for with it. So, when I bought it...
  2. Terrence

    3 Peice Necks... What year?

    Hey guys What year did the 3 Peice necks start on SG's? Anyone know? Cheers guys 👍
  3. moony

    FGN DC-10 "SG Style" Guitars made by Fujigen/Japan

    Hello, I just registered here because I saw the thread about Fujigen, where it's stated that their SG models are discontinued. Such a shame! I wanted to share some of my own experience, because I ❤️ the FGN DC-10 guitars! These were produced in 2016 and 2017 for the EU market with the...
  4. D

    First SG!!! NGD 2021 SG Tribute

    My first SG!!! Posted some pictures of it a couple weeks back before ordering it and its finally here! Pictures don't do it justice but here ya go. Most resonant guitar I've ever played, suuuuper loud acoustically as well.
  5. D

    Thoughts on this 2020 SG Tribute

    Looking at a used SG Tribute and wanted a second opinion on these photos. Are the stamped letters and serial number on the headstock supposed to look like that? Attaching two photos below. Thanks!!
  6. W

    Need help with info on this weird SG

    I recently acquired this heavily repaired and modified old SG from a friend for next to nothing. The serial number is 835716 which is apparently either a ‘66 or a ‘69 according to what I can find, but some of the details on it don’t quite fit. The neck has been repaired at least twice at the...
  7. P

    Is this Gibson SG fake or real?

    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if this looks like a real gibson sg or if it's fake. Also if anyone knows the specific model it is and can let me know that'd be great. Seems like it's either a faded or a special but I'm no expert tbh. It's listed pretty cheap in canadian dollars and if it's...
  8. paul-e-mann

    Pickup Angle

    Take a look at my SG with a batwing pickguard notice the pickups are not parallel to the strings. Is this normal? The pickup is so stiff in the pickguard I cannot move it so it will be parallel to the strings, I thought if it was it would pick up sound better. I suppose this is normal for this...
  9. A

    2020 Gibson SG Standard 61 One piece body or multi piece body

  10. S

    For Sale: 2019 Gibson Custom Shop SG (1961)

    NO TRADES. THIS IS A CASH DEAL ONLY. For Sale: Near mint 2019 Gibson custom Shop SG which I bought in January of 2020. The guitar comes in two price configurations. Price Option 1: $5000 Canadian Dollars Comes with all stock parts (which are in the case) and includes the following upgrades...
  11. JesseXGibson

    NGD! 2007 Gibson ‘61 reissue Sg standard (GOTW #35)

    Well I pulled the trigger.. it’s #243 of 400, it plays absolutely phenomenal, and feels just as great! It’s in amazing condition for a 2007, literally just 4 small nicks (3 of them at the back, one on the inside of the horn) minimal buckle rash and just a bit of fading on the edges where my arm...
  12. D

    Weird serial number on new Gibson SG Standard

    Hello i bought on ebay auction barely used Gibson SG Standard HC, everything seems perfectly legit except serial number. I've tried different decoders and some give me 2012 result, guitar dater project wont even recognize the number, while guitarinsite says "27 september 2019". I believed that...
  13. G

    Help choosing an SG on Reverb

    Hi friends, I’m about to pull the trigger on some deals I found on Reverb, and was wondering if anyone could help me choose the best overall option for the money? I have four choices and they're all giving me good deals. Basically it's between: 2016 Gibson Sg Special Faded (~$660) 2004...
  14. G

    New Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG vs Used Gibson SG

    Hello fellow SG fans! I'm quite torn at the moment. I've been planning to buy a new Epiphone Iommi SG, but I recently discovered several used Gibson SGs on Reverb for about the same price range (~800)… What do ya'll think would be the best option? I'm sort of partial towards ebony...
  15. GeorgeGR

    Gibson SG '61 standard and Gibson SG standard

    Hi everyone. My name is George and i new in this community. Unofortunately (not sure why) , there is no store in my country to test Gibson SG Standard and Gibson SG '61 Standard. Both of them i found them on I know they have different pickups (490s and 61s) but like i said...
  16. C

    2005 SG "CUSTOM MADE"

    Hey all, Chasing info on SG serial 030520363. It has a "Custom Made" plaque and a Bigsby tremallo Looks a bit backyard but not sure? Any information will be appreciated.
  17. Galcipher

    Some Questions about the Gibson SG Standards (Non-vintage)

    1) Why does my SG have a different contour on the bottom horn? (2018 Standard Ebony) 2) What are the difference between an SG Standard and an SG Standard T? 3) Why do some SGs have a big guard and others the small one? 4) How come the 2013 SGs all have the Same Exact body style as the 61...
  18. D

    Is this real?

    The seller says it's a 2012 special. He is selling it for abour 575€. Is this one real? Serial Number is real
  19. A

    SG bridge pickup position

    I bought recently a Gibson SG 2019 HP-II (Burstbucker Pro Lead+ in the bridge position; replaced by a Gibson P-498T). I generally like it by all the reasons I bought it after some research time. But the bridge pickup keeps sounding to me too bright and with the lack of some fatness, as compared...
  20. Wigjuice

    Are all Gibson SG cases the same size?

    Hey all you wonderful people of EverythingSG! I have a fairly simple question, which I've not really been able to find a good answer to. Are all the Gibson SG brown hard cases the same size? Is the case that comes with a SG Jr. the same exact case that goes with a SG Standard? If anyone has...

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