1. N

    Gibson SG Special 2018 PCB to 50s wiring conversion

    So, this is my first post on this forum but thought it may come in handy for someone. Any feedback welcome and hopefully it helps. FAIR WARNING. Long post. I'll try and do some subheadings and I'll try and post pictures in the order I mention them but this is purely for fun and to hopefully...
  2. R

    Hey guys. Im going to sell a sg for economic reason

    I havent decide yet which of the two guitars am selling, one of them is a 1973 gibson sg very used, a dirty tone and beautiful body, the other one is a 1991 gibson sg 61 reissue with the vibrola. Which one would you sell?? Thanks guys
  3. GeorgeGR

    Cleaning products

    Hey everyone. Just got my Gibson SG '61 reissue and i'd like to ask you which cleaning products do you use. Is it really important to know what finish my guitar has so i pick the proper product? (nitro finish , and etc) Any cleaning advice is welcome ! :)
  4. Skinny Al


    Hey all! I wanna see all of the weird, crazy, awesome and beautiful SGs that are anything but stock! I´m gonna start with a show and tell about my baby, a 2005 Standard Natural Burst. My customisation: Faux leather paisly pickguard. 4x Push/Push(not Push/Pull) in a Jimmy Page schematic...

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