1. NoiseNinja

    Went back to concentrating more on bass again - Old Bass Day/Almost New Pickup Day!

    So I have had bass as my main instrument of choice for several year, even if the instrument I originally first started out learning how to play on, and that I have continued to play guitar on the sideline all along, with periods of time now and then where guitar have taken back my main focus...
  2. Adam

    Does anybody own an Ibanez AR620 OR AR320?

    I want one of these so badly... the ebony fretboard, the tree inlay, the binding..must..resist..
  3. JAMMAN798

    Gibson SG vs Ibanez vs Schecter

    Wow! It's been awhile since I've been on the board. One of my "workhorse" guitars is a SG Standard Limited with a nice thick neck. In this video I play a classic Kansas tune with the SG running through a Marshall. The SG certainly gives off that classic rock tone. The Schecter in the vid...

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