1. B


    I might have got a bit over the top
  2. NoiseNinja

    I Am Going to Actually Do It!!! (Yamaha Revstar incoming in about a month)

    So I pondered back and forth for a while now to maybe get a Yamaha Revstar, just the cheapest model, since I don't have a lot of money, and now I think I finally decided to pull the trigger next time I get money, around the 1st of March. It's going to be the Yamaha Revstar RS320 in black steel...
  3. Beery Swine

    ̶N̶G̶D̶ New Guitar Week (sorry, no pics yet)

    Just got an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top in green burst. Pros: Absolutely loving it so far. Smooth pots with no static, solidly adjusted truss doesn't look to need adjusting, VERY resonant (surprisingly resonant even), as well intonated as I've ever heard any guitar, fret ends are almost perfect...
  4. BoiseSG

    NGD! My second SG and first real Gibson!

    Hi Everyone, Long time lurker. I have posted a couple times but not much. Wanted to share my new guitar. You guys made me do it! I have been playing my Epi SG for a bit and wanted to try a real Gibson. As you may guess, I went with the SGJ (2013) as I don't have huge budget. I posted pics...
  5. Dmccluskey

    Just bought my first SG (G400R)! Help me ID?

    Hey guys! This is my first post over here, and it's because I've just purchased my first SG. It's a cherry Epiphone G400R I believe, though I'd like some specifics from some of you geniuses if possible. I impulsively purchased it after a few hours of research around this particular model; it's...

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