1. J

    NGD: '61 Standard w/ sideways vibrola (video included)

    Hey everyone, Officially speaking, this is my second post here. I registered at the end of last year with some questions about this model, but my thread ended being stuck in the ether for weeks. But I'm all settled with my new SG, so I thought I'd share my NGD :) In 2018 an SG was my gateway...
  2. C

    Just received New Epiphone SG Special P-90 - is the bridge bent?

    Before I joined the Army in 1979, I gave my Gibson SG to a friend to keep. Upon my return 4 years later, I couldn't find the SG or the friend. Finally I got around to buying a new one (actually, my wife did, she is lovely) and I received the Special P90 today from Sweetwater. The guitar looks...
  3. T

    Pickguard for ‘21 SG Special P-90

    Hi folks, this is my first post on the forum. I recently acquired a Gibson 2021 SG special with P-90s in sparkling burgundy. It’s a looker! However, for a long time I’ve really dug those wide bevel, five-ply guards, perhaps in cream /black to match the binding. I also know that wide bevels are...
  4. Roomrunner

    SG Classic - Neck shape?

    I've always wanted a Classic. P90's are so awesome. But how would you describe the neck shape? I'm trying to avoid the slim taper that the newer P90 equipped SG Special has on offer. Also, does anyone have any issues with neck dive? Thanks!
  5. S

    NGD: SG Custom, P90, Maestro, VOS lamp black

    First thing this morning I checked into another guitar forum and saw a post by someone who'd just received a new guitar with a nasty neck break. Felt really sorry for him, but with an hour to go before the courier was due to arrive, it really wasn't something I wanted to see... Thankfully, it...
  6. S

    NGD coming. Hopefully Diamonds are Forever. :)

    A couple of weeks ago I was hit by GAS for the first time in ages. Until then I thought I had a well balanced collection and had become immune. :) But three triggers remained with SGs: 1) P90s - I love ‘em in my Yamaha SG, so the current Special in aged Pelham really interested me. But I could...
  7. megapunchjj

    Epiphone 2020 SG Special P90 Faded Pelham Blue Sound Demo With Black Sabbath Riffs

    I play my favorite Riffs from Black Sabbath's Black Sabbath album to demo this Gorgeous Epiphone SG. Really loving the bridge P90 pickups. Lots of attitude. The neck sounds too 'sweet' for me. What do you guys think?
  8. Richard

    1963 SG Jr. Best ever guitar for me!!

    1963, Cherry finish without any decolorization, Hardly any play-ware. A few dings in the body. Gator case, Hangtag, no fret-ware, featherlight resonant, baseball bat, Brazilian rosewood, fat P90, original wraparound bridge (soon to be replaced by Mojoaxe lightning bolt because of intonation of...
  9. TVBob

    1965 SG Special, the Beat Explosion, NEW VIDEO

    This video is dedicated to a beautiful Original Vintage 1965 Gibson SG Special, stock version without Maestro Vibrola tailpiece. This guitar offers us the opportunity to understand what happened in the music history in 1964 and why it affected so dramatically the guitar world. Hope you enjoy...
  10. T

    SG Classic, humble brag?

    I've owned several SG's throughout the years and really enjoyed most of them (Standards, specials, and a '61 RI). I gigged and recorded with a 2000 Standard for many shows that I was particularly fond of. However....I just got a 2006 SG Classic and it is hands down the BEST SG I've ever...
  11. loicsans

    P90's for SGJ 2013

    Hello there, it's my first post here, I own 2 SG's one SGJ 2013 and one SG standard 2017. I find now that I would like to get a more drastically different sound from the SGJ 2013. I was wondering if someone could advise me on what P90's to get that would fit effortlessly into the SGJ 2013. It's...
  12. Lunacy the Faded

    Blue Gibson Les Paul

    Hey NGD! 1997 Les Paul Studio "Gem Sapphire"
  13. E

    What do you think of P90s?

    Hello all, I am a new forum member and came here for some input. I have an Epiphone G400 SG Worn Cherry. I fell in love with the SG when I saw Derek Truck's use one on the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 DVD along with slide guitar. My SG is completely stock right now, but I am considering...
  14. Bonzo21

    Talk me down (P90 idea!)

    So... is there any reason why I should/could not drill holes in these and glue in a P90? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/5pcs-Plastic-Sealed-Humbucker-Pickup-Cover-for-SQ-ST-Guitar-Parts-Replacement-/231542434221?hash=item35e90129ad:g:33kAAOSwBahVOetl I was looking for a P90 in a humbucker size and...
  15. G

    Tuscany Diablo C-Series Collector series

    Hi sg lovers! Stick around because I could sure use some information on these guitars and I don't mean catalogs or the likes but actual hands-on experience with one, especially the model in the title. So if you have one of these, share some insight here! It's rare to find a review of a Tuscany...
  16. Dark 007

    Gibson pickups that sound like Single-coil

    Hello, Fellow Members!.. I have a none Gibson/Gibson Brand; Guitar which I'm thinking of replacing its stock pups.. http://www.playlaguna.com/models/index.cfm?model=le200gms I know that there's always the P-90 and P-94t/P-94r., but I wonder if there are other Gibson pups that are similar in...
  17. Hispania

    Soapbar humbucker to replace P90

    Hello SG partners, I have an ebony 2011 SG Special with p90s and I wanna get a more fat and punchy tone. I love P90 for classic rock, but when I play hard and heavy (most of the time) the guitar sounds... Well, a bit thin and underpowered. So I've looked at the few soapbar humbuckers you can...

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