1. Terrence

    T-tops or PAF

    Hi everyone.... I have a vintage Gibson SG. The guitar itself appears to be 1968 and the hardware (pot codes) date February 1969. I'm curious to know which kind of pick ups this would have. I've read that it could be either T-tops or PAF. Is there any way to tell without removing the chrome...
  2. Huntroll

    Did Freddie use PAF's ?

    You be the judge . . .
  3. TVBob

    1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard, NEW VIDEO!

    This short video recalls the story of the birth of the SG while showing a breathtaking vintage original 1962 or early 1963 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard. To revive its sales, in 1961 Gibson decided that it was time to drop the well-known Les Paul design with single cutaway body style and...
  4. V

    Lust For Tone '57 Lustbucker PAF in my '61 reissue.

    Some very excellent, touch responsive pickups from Lust For Tone. However, I do prefer their '59 in the SG with my amps...Which is the next demo I am already working on. I do a lot of pickup swaps. Hope you all enjoy this short clip of some sounds! EQUIPMENT: Ceriatone '69 Plexi50 Bass 1986...
  5. a2dconverter

    Joined the SG Club - 2016 SG with Bigsby B7

    Howdy Folks, I have been watching this board since I bought my 2016 SG Standard in October... I can't leave well enough alone! As well as gutting the control cavity and replacing the knobs, pots, switch, caps and o/p jack... I replaced the pickups with Chrome Cover DiMarzio 35th Ann. PAF's. (I...
  6. Thor Oliversen


    Hi guys, my first post here :-) As a guitar player I guess I'm probably best described as a blues/funk/soul kind of guy... I'm experiencing some serious G.A.S. at the moment - dribbling over some SG standards. I wonder what year did they decide to go from PAF's to 490R and 498T ? I once had a...

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