1. B

    Early 1960s pickguard material?

    I have another question about vintage Gibson SGs for my British Racing Green SG build; what were the original pickguards in the 1960s made of? I know that the 1950s multiply pickguards on Explorers, Flying V's, etc were made of cellulose nitrate, and if I remember correctly the 5 ply pickguards...
  2. T

    Pickguard for ‘21 SG Special P-90

    Hi folks, this is my first post on the forum. I recently acquired a Gibson 2021 SG special with P-90s in sparkling burgundy. It’s a looker! However, for a long time I’ve really dug those wide bevel, five-ply guards, perhaps in cream /black to match the binding. I also know that wide bevels are...
  3. jbenson

    1964 / '64 Reissue Pickguard Replacement

    Wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy a replacement pickguard for a '64 spec (6-hole) SG. Apologies if this has been posted and I missed it but wasn't seeing anything in a search. All I can seem to find are '61 style (5-hole).
  4. paul-e-mann

    Pickup Angle

    Take a look at my SG with a batwing pickguard notice the pickups are not parallel to the strings. Is this normal? The pickup is so stiff in the pickguard I cannot move it so it will be parallel to the strings, I thought if it was it would pick up sound better. I suppose this is normal for this...
  5. Beery Swine

    Some modern G-400 questions on specs, personal opinions, and junk

    I have dark cherry '66 G-400 PRO with Alnico Classic PRO pickups, with 4-conductor wiring I assume, based on the push/pull coil splitting ability (not a fan of any such jiggery pokery, personally). I love it tonally, but the biggest issue is the sticky nut. Need to lubricate that at some point...
  6. splitdiamond

    Help finding a new pickguard for custom shop SG Standard

    Hey Everyone, I have looked and looked, but I can't seem to find anyone that sells a pickguard that looks like it will fit my SG. They're very close, but the two screws in between the pickups on my guitar are closer together than any of the ones that I see online. I've even ordered a couple...
  7. S

    2017 Special half-face pickguard

    Hi all, I am having trouble finding a replacement pickguard (black or 3/5 ply bwb) with the same dimensions as the 2017 Special. Is anyone selling making these? I have tried two different pickguards that were very close, but cannot find one with the exact dimensions. ta
  8. Standard'13

    A rare pick guard or home made job?

    The 'flat top' pick guard in my avatar pic, have any of you seen anything like this? There is an old picture of Mary Ford and Les Paul with SG's that have this kind of pick guard as well as a rare "Randy Rhodes" SG with the same pick guard. Is this something Gibson added when doing aftermarket...
  9. Husky33

    New/Replacement pickguards?

    New to this site, but i like it! Never new until today there was a place just for SG lovers hah So i mildly regret painting my pickguard years ago and kind of want a replacement for my G-400. Every site i looked up so far either doesn't have a G-400 style, or they're really not reputable at...
  10. M

    Will a g310 pickguard fit a g400?

    Hey guy new to the community here. Ive got a beautiful cherry red g400 and im looking to do some modding. I have already moved my strap button to the horn and now i want to replace some parts with metal. I want to get a full face metal pickguard. It currently have a black half face pickguard...
  11. drown

    New Walnut Pickguard

    This arrived from Greece today via ebay. Very quick shipping and turn around. Having a halfwing made for another guitar now. A little concern about the thickness but we'll see how she mounts. Seller is electric_church_pickguards in case anyone is interested. More picks if I'm successful with the...
  12. Sunsetsideburns

    Adding a pickguard to 60s tribute

    Hi all, I have just got my hands on a 60s tribute SG. I would personally prefer to put a pickguard on for pure aesthetics. I have purchased an angel wing pickguard which I'm pretty sure will fit the model and gibson pickguard screws. How do I go about doing this? Can I do this myself? I take it...
  13. Snapjaw

    Early 70's Greco SG Pickguard

    Hey guys, I'm new here and just got an old "gneco" sg. Sounds pretty good but I really want to put some P90's in it and its currently got humbuckers. My question is where the hell can I get a custom 4-ply pickguard for this thing? I believe its slightly different than the gibson and epiphone SG...

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