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  1. N

    Decent tone through headphones with cab sim (IR?)?

    Hello guys - and Ladies, Recently I was playing with the thought of getting a small tube amp for home (the first ever) but now I feel like it would be a waste since I couldn't really play loud. So I'm looking for something digital now. I know with an audio interface and a decent computer you...
  2. 19sixty3

    NAD - Yamaha THR. Possibly the most impressive practice amp...

    So for the last couple of years my home practice amps has been a Blackstar HT1 Metal and a Marshall DSL20HR through a 112 equipped with a Celestion Greenback G12M. Lovely amps and even on not earth shaking volume I could get some nice tones out of it. However, for late night practicing both are...
  3. Wolftoes

    Marshall Code 25

    Just bought one of these little monsters, and it's great. I control it with my tablet from across the room. All the classic Marshall cabs and heads, and preamps! Plus effects and presets.Very inexpensive, great house practice amp.

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