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  1. HackeIommi

    Epiphone Ltd. Ed. 2015 Tony Iommi SG Custom Review

    Hey, folks! This will be a little bit of traditional style long review and edited for this forum. May take a long time to read. First I'll begin with my sad story. You will witness some of my problems lived in Istanbul. You will read some negative thoughts about Gibson SG's too. Please don't...
  2. HackeIommi

    NGD: Ltd. Epi Tony Iommi SG 2015

    This guitar is the guitar ended my SG torment I wrote before. Beautiful 2015 Ltd Epiphone Tony Iommi. A dark, beefy SG in my dreams. %95 a keeper in the future. Bought as 2nd hand. Cut a bone nut, disconnected tone pots to make a little bit more bright and open sound. And this is the wood...
  3. E

    What do you think of P90s?

    Hello all, I am a new forum member and came here for some input. I have an Epiphone G400 SG Worn Cherry. I fell in love with the SG when I saw Derek Truck's use one on the Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007 DVD along with slide guitar. My SG is completely stock right now, but I am considering...
  4. M

    Fake SG Special help

    Hi forum, I'm sorry if this is a recurring thread but I'm looking for some help. I bought this guitar about 6 months ago and to cut a long story short its now been brought to my attention that it's fake. Can you help me with this. Here are the concerns in question that I have been told ( bear...
  5. Chaxman

    Gibson SG Standard 2015 Nut Replacement

    Hi all, Recently purchased a Gibson SG 2015 Standard. Yes, the one with the brass nut problem, so I am going to replace the nut. Even though the guitar was 2nd hand Gibson are sending me the replacement titanium nut. I have also ordered the Graphtech version. My question is, should I fit the...

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