1. NoiseNinja

    Planing to restring and detune my guitar, how to make nut string slots wider?

    So I am planing to get a set of strings with the gauges .012 - .016 - .024 - .032 - .042 - .056 and tune them to D standard tuning (the G string being wound), compared to my current set .010 - .013 - .017 - .026 - .036 - .046 tuned in standard E tuning, my guitar being a 24,75" scale Epiphone SG...
  2. donepearce

    Nut material - a proper assessment

    The main probelm with the nut is the tendency to ruin tuning stability. With this in mind I've devised an actual test of how unstable tuning is with various nut types. The test is this: Take the tuning high, then carfully tune down to true pitch, being careful not to overshoot. Now give a...
  3. Relic61

    Arch-Villain Espouses Theory on Where SRV Tone Comes From

    Anybody agreeing with Hitler that tone comes from your pedals,... may leave.
  4. Steve D

    Player's choice: Strings?

    I am curious what strings people use on their guitars and why? I'm currently using the stock strings that came on my shiny new SG and they are very slinky compared to what I've used on my strat for years. I'm bending the heck out of them because I can, which is cool, but they also seem to lack...
  5. Saint Toad

    Epi SGs and String Choices

    ** This isn't a true "Hardware" post, but didn't know where else to post since it does relate to playability and "Tone"...whatever that is !** Does anyone else play these strings ?, or am I the only weirdo here.......??? :smile: Yep, 7's.....thick as a hair off yer head ! I seem to have a very...
  6. zisme

    Preferred Bass Strings?

    did a search and didn't find anything, but i apologize if this is a repeat thread. i know we've covered this with guitars fairly recently so I'm going to take a serious shot at bass playing on the side of my guitar endeavors. the opportunity may arise for me to fill in on bass in my drummer's...

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