1. J

    Sell a Gibson, buy an Epiphone

    would i be crazy to sell my 2014 Gibson SGJ and get an Epiphone SG Standard. I bought the SGJ to replace an SG Faded i sold cause i needed money. Price wise they are/were identical. I just really love the Standard. Any thoughts/feedback would be much appreciated.
  2. Vash33

    FSOT: 2002 Gibson Tony Iommi SG

    I've got an excellent shape Gibson Tony Iommi Sg with original cross hard case and insert card. It's in amazing shape and plays like butter. No breaks or repairs. The Iommi Signature pickups sound wicked. Asking $2500 obo but would love to hear some trade offers. Specifically looking for another...
  3. Londonbus


  4. Londonbus


  5. zisme

    NPD - Earthquaker Devices Terminal Fuzz

    Just arrived at my office. My first trade! Agreed to swap my EHX ring thing (cool, but too much pedal for me) for this EQD Transistor Fuzz I don't really know what to expect, but I dig my other EarthQuaker pedal, the Acapulco Gold and I love fuzz pedals. The ring thing was pretty...

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