Arcane Inc Triple Clone PAF set Aged Nickel


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May 1, 2022
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These are new and have not yet been installed. These are highly regarded in the custom pickup PAF style humbucker scene and they are absolutely fantastic. I have another set in my 335.

$295 shipped in USA. Venmo, Zelle or PayPal welcomed.

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Triple Clone

This Humbucker is an exact tonal clone of a vintage Patent Applied for Pickup. The pickup that was cloned was a legendary Bridge pickup that was in a large collection of Vintage Humbuckers, this one was proven to be the best sounding after numerous recordings and wound tests. After three prototypes an exact replica was born and tested head to head with the original, the sound was identical. There was some variation to the original patent applied for pickups and this one is on the higher output end of the scale, over wound and beefed up, perfectly touch sensitive, when you hit it hard it responds.

Wound on an antique winding machine with Plain Enamel wire, and using tuned Alnico Magnets, built around exclusive custom pole screws, precision milled parts and select grade steel for all the components. Every pickup is painstakingly assembled with the utmost care producing a pickup that is the ultimate in quality. Each pickup is individually Serial Numbered and engraved with a logo on the base plate.

Bridge: DC Resistance 9.25k
Neck: DC Resistance 8.2k

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